Thursday , August 13 2020

What to eat if your hunger strikes you before bedtime

You're done with dinner and you feel like eating "something delicious". You open the fridge or cupboard, trying to find something and in the desire to soothe that anxiety like cakes, chocolates or ice cream.

If you try lose weight, this type of consumption at night certainly does not help. However, you can rely on that desire to add some extra nutrients that you don't often consider.

"First, what we experts do when a person says he has it hunger at night, research how you eat during the day. "If you have been" squeezed "to lose weight and get into the clothes you want, you are limiting yourself too much during the day, which is the reason for the night hunger," he says. With prosperity Dr. Silvio Freer (MN 57648), University Nutrition Specialist.

"To lose weight, you don't have to starve and for that to happen, you have to distribute meals throughout the day. Make at least four meals that are suitable for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. If possible, make a snack in the middle of the morning. And if someone is hungry at night, another amount, "he details.

It is necessary to know how to choose the right foods for that nightly "impulse", even scrutinizing healthy bites such as low fat, yogurt or cereal cookies, since none of these foods are processed in the same way. Some have high levels of saturated fat, or added sugars that must be eliminated when you want to lose weight.

Know what to eat

At recommended food Before going to bed, there may be a few:

– Fruit, especially banana and apple slices

– Natural low-fat yogurt

– slices of whole wheat toast without extras

– Lightweight oat cereals

– Slightly dried fruits, such as nuts, almonds, hazelnuts or unsalted seeds

– Two small cups of lollipop made with homemade decoction of corn

– A glass of chicken milk

– 2 or 3 fruits of natural ham, or a few fruits of skimmed cheese

Another healthy option is to grab half a tablet of bitter chocolate, which we use for a glass and dissolve in the mouth, the specialist says.

It's not just about eating

"Trying to sleep for hours is important because it has been shown that if an adult sleeps less than 7 or 8 hours, there is a greater propensity for obesity, diabetes and hypertension. When deciding to go to bed, it is necessary to reduce alarms, not have a television, cell phone or tablet nearby because the light emitted by the devices stimulates our appetite, "says Dr. Freer, Career Specialist in Nutrition. at the Barcelona Institute.

By now you know that it is just about choosing the right food and good sleep hygiene, to have a healthier lifestyle.

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