Saturday , July 31 2021

What is the scene "Bird Box" that had to be removed?

Sandra Bullock surprised all her fans with her recent leading role in "Bird Box"The new Netflix pledge that sinks into an uncertain story.Since recently, film director Susan Beer has discovered what a scene had to be eliminated during production and why the terrifying creatures never appeared.

During an interview, Beer and screenwriter Eric Haiser acknowledged that the producers came to press them to study the faces and the look of the terrible monsters that made people haunt the film. "They made me basically write a nightmare sequence where Malori (Bullock) faces one in the house," he said.

They even shot the scene, but everything was very funny for the Hollywood star, which could not be laughed at the time of the shoot, because the monster was presented with a "green man with a terrible baby face." In the same interview, he added: "At the beginning, Sandy did not want to see it before he burst, because he thought it was scary, and then it was more like" Do not show me because I can not help but laugh. "Every time we tried, I thought: this is another movie" ".

Judging by the final result of the film, everything seems to indicate that they have convinced the team that it is best to leave the look of the creatures of the imagination of the public. Sandra Bullock, whom we saw this year in "Ocean 8: Las Estafadradas", in this new proposal is played by Malori, a woman who must learn to survive with the tools she has at the moment, facing the danger and the challenge of brought his two young children alive from an apocalyptic scene without using the sense of vision, where the forces they have never seen before lead humanity to commit mass suicide.

For the plot, the actress was in many hours recording with two young actors who embody her children in the film and the way the script structure was, she had to shout at them many times, which made her feel terrible. "Therefore, after every scene in which he shouted vile, he gave them sweets," he said in an interview Netflix.

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