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What is healthy eating ?: Myths and truths – 26.04.2015

We want to eat as much as we talk about food. And with such a lot of conversation, statements are made that are taken for granted without us knowing neither to refute nor to take them for granted.

Myths about what we eat and how we eat, prompted biochemist and professor Jose Miguel Moulet to write a book called What is Healthy Eating? (Editorial Destino) in which it is dismantled 101 myths about feeding. When three moments were asked, "who are the ones I listened to most often," he says.

We are what we eat

"This phrase is given on mystical or esoteric meaning that does not exist, because it makes no sense to think that the nature of people depends on what they eat. "

He explains that the origin of the myth is misinterpreted by a phrase that the German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach formulated in 1850. "The significance he has given is that eating is such a basic need for a human being that if it is not covered, it is impossible to develop as a person."

Another phrase that gives a similar meaning is that of the French gourmet Bilat-Severin: "Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are". The only possible interpretation according to Mulet is that "the way we eat and what we eat is closely related to our culture".

Look, too

Look, too

Tomatoes do not taste tomatoes

He is second in the list of favorites of this professor of biotechnology at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. "If we insist on eating when it's not a season or in places where they are not grown, it's very likely that we miss their taste, but it's real that there are now many varieties than in the time of our grandparents and we are working hard for the recovery of some who have disappeared. "

Mule insists that in the tasting tastings in which he participated always new varieties are selected among the most beautiful. "And they did not even exist a couple of years ago."

Our grandparents ate better

"They told me countless times. Better? They ate what they could if they had something to eat." And, of course, it was not the healthiest from the point of view of food safety. "Only a few decades ago in Spain still existed diseases, such as pelagra or goose, associated with poor nutrition. To our recent ancestors, there was no access, he says, to the variety of foods that exist now, and their diet was not completely balanced as it is today. My grandmother did not see kiwi or avocado in life. "

Avocado, very rich in nutrients.

Avocado, very rich in nutrients.

Avocado grows

Many people avoid that convinced that "due to the amount of calories and fat content is not the best ally of weight. I tell them that it does not depend on calories too must take into account nutritional value and health benefits"

Avocados, he says, is very rich in monounsaturated fats (good fats), in antioxidants, potassium, fiber and vitamins from group B.

The first impression may be that it should be obese if you have fat, the reality is that "when you eat regularly a lot of nutritious food, you end up eating less, because they satisfy more and you're hungry later, and the avocados are well-known for increasing satiety. "

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Do not eat more than two eggs a week

"Particularly bile is demonized for the content of cholesterol," said nutritionist Mirea Servera, "and is considered a threat to the heart." Many studies deny this. "The truth is that it provides vitamins of high biological value, in addition to vitamins from groups A and B, and highlights its iron content for mild absorption, which makes it a good nutrient."

Other properties that nutritional values ​​consider that bile is a source of carotenoids, "important for eye health". And it must be considered, he thinks that "in most people, the intake of cholesterol has little effect on blood cholesterol".

The list of ideas implanted in society and the lack of foundation is very long. Next, others from those whom Mulat proposes in his book.

Look, too

Mixing hydrates and protein in a fattening meal

At the outset, it is practically impossible to make a diet in which these two nutrients do not match, because many also contain larger or smaller proportions. The bread, without going further, combines carbohydrates with between 9 and 13% of the protein, and the meat has most of it, but it also hydrates the fats.

Secondly, the order in which food is eaten does not affect the amount of energy it provides, so it will be fatter if the proteins are eaten in one meal and the hydrates in another.

It is also said to hinder digestion. If that were the case, we would not have had a good life and half of the world's population would be sick.

Drinking water in meals makes you fat

No matter when you drink, the calorie contribution is 0. It is vitally important to stay hydrated, says the author and relativize the recommendation to consume about two liters of water a day: "Everyone should drink the water they need and be thirsty from anything else. "

Carrots are fed more crude

On the contrary, because when exposed to heat, the cell walls are broken and beta-carotene is released. Nor is it true that eating improves gaze.

Chicken should be done without skin

The reason is that it contains fat and calories. True, but it's better remove it once cooked, because it helps to keep their natural juices and turns out to be more delicious.

Reduction of hydrates improves health

It's not always the case, it depends on the quality of those who are consuming. If they come from whole grains, the opposite happens. They are thought to reduce the risk of heartbreak.

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Cranberry juice relieves urinary tract infections

If you cope, no matter how red cranberries are taken, the infection will remain there. It has preventive properties, because if taken regularly, it prevents bacteria from being placed on the walls of the bladder.

Recent studies indicate the benefits of coffee consumption

Recent studies indicate the benefits of coffee consumption

Coffee is bad for your health

It may be better to avoid it if it is very sensitive to caffeine. If not, it is proven that it is a valuable source of antioxidants, scarce when followed by a diet with poverty in fruits and vegetables, something quite common in today's society.

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If you want a desire for something, it is because the body needs its nutrients

If so, many people will be ready to eat fruit and vegetables, rich in vitamins and minerals essential for living. In reality, the desire to eat something specific, usually sweet, is motivated by various factors, some environmental, such as advertising bombardment, or hormonal in the case of women during pregnancy or menstruation. In any case, before any biological signal, you should ask yourself why you are hungry and try to satisfy it with something healthy to see if it really is due to a lack of food.

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