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What is Bover? Revenge of neutral fans before the arrogance of the river and Boca – 28.11.2013

On October 31, Boca pulled out 2-2 with Palmeiras in San Pablo and at that moment the nightmare became a reality: there will be a superclassico in the Copa Libertadores final.

From that moment on, everything was rounded up in that gigantic balloon, exaggerated, grotesque. An infinite snowball that over time included weight and danger. And it never finds direction. Much less in the end.

The question is that on that road there were many who saw the ball pass on one side. They are the ones that are on the shoulder and are dispersed with the question of others. They have no invitation for the party and, even less, they intend to participate.

They created a category. They named a structure that excludes them and raises their voices to be heard while the most powerful shouts everywhere.

So he was born Bover. And as everything that happens in these times was virulized by social networks, Bover is Boca and Reka. But together It's a concept. It is the feeling of injustice felt by the fans of all other Argentine teams.

Bober Shield, a concept that unites Boca and the river into one team.

Bober Shield, a concept that unites Boca and the river into one team.

They are represented there San Lorenzo and Hurricane that they were frustrated with the game most anticipated from the seventh, because allegedly the superclass that they played on Saturday and could not pass on Sunday, but they did not play.

Also those of Communicationsthat the same day they expected to see their team in Agronomy against Tristan Suarez for the 17th date of the Metropolitan B tournament and now have to wait until December 12th.

The Bover is also presented Union and San Martin de San Juan They had to postpone their matches in a super league against the local football giants, because they decided not to play the final on Wednesday and make them over the weekend.

Bover is each of the stars that appear in the Super League chart thanks to the arrogant leadership of leaders led by D & # 39; Onofrio & Angelicid. Bober is central Rosario, without knowing when he will play the Argentine Cup final and gymnastics, waiting for a rival in the semifinals, who will be tired after the final and finally arrive fresh for the suspension.

The Bover concept generates countless circles that circulate on Twitter. And even a shield that, apparently, mixed blue and gold with red and white.

Because in the end it is a reflection of football as a law of the jungle. And in that game, the food chain always stands for larger ones.

While the game is being sold as the "end of the world", while Boca believes the River has power in Connemol and Nunje, the same goes for La Boca, fans of other teams warn that they are really the same.

Which are the two sides of the same coin. What the river asked for in 2015 when it was pepper gas, now Boca has set the stones to the micro. And that the one who said that he must play on the field, now begs for the desk. And vice versa. The catastrophe of the miseries broadcast on national television at any time of the day and on all national channels, newspapers and radio.

Certainly there will be fans of the River and Boca who are considering the differences and details. Each of them will show their badges with pride and direct them towards the weak points of their greatest rival.

For the rest, I know they are the same.

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