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What happened with the investigation against Juan Darts in Nicaragua

After the rumors that Telma Farn's rejection of Juan Darts for offense will be rejected by justice of Nicaragua, lawyer Francisco Onto did nothing more than "throw more fire into his account" in his Twitter account and said: "I'm telling you what the Farn case is, he had an interview and gave up on the IPF to Nicaragua." Fiscal expert Umberto Pulido asked him for the second interview, he did not attend, and according to article 225 of the CPP, Nicaragua rejected him, if he was telling the truth, why did not he attend the second interview?

However, after this controversial publication, it was her own lawyer for the actress, Sabrina Cartabia, who issued a statement on social networks to report that the investigation is still ongoing in that country: "The reason for this statement is to report to the national press and to interested parties that the news circulating around the alleged dismissal of Telma Fardin's cancellation against Juan Darthes in the Republic of Nicaragua is incorrect"

And he continued: "We are postponed to announce this because because of the court fair, Sandra Isabel Dinart Crzamo – Director of the Special Unit for Crimes Against Acts of Sexual Violence A00381 – which runs the investigation, he enjoyed his work break"

Finally, Cartabia said: "A few minutes ago, we were able to talk to her and We have confirmed that the process is in the research phase and confirmed that any news about the process will be initially reported to Telma. Thank you very much for the spread, we will continue to work on the case. "

Meanwhile, Darts already has a job in Brazil. According to various media, the 54-year-old artist will perform tasks in a bar that his brother has as a way to repay the help he gave him when he received him and offered him moral, economic and psychological support.

The former protagonist of Patito Feo, a program in which the alleged Farn violation occurred, was seen more than a week ago at Rosario airport on the way to Brazilian countries. In the city of Santa Fe, for his bad luck, he did not remain unnoticed and was photographed while waiting to head to the city of San Pablo. The artist agreed to paint with one of his fans and the image caused all kinds of comments in the virtual world.

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