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Weekly horoscope: forecasts from 3 to 9 December for all signs of the zodiac – 03.12.2013

Horoscope for Aries

Mars, the Owen ruler, remains in Pisces and joins Neptune this week. Impulse will not betray you. But the powerful intuition that you will feel these days. Energy is conducive to closing anger-related situations or relationships, or making relationships with people they feel are "tried" all the time. If you can not rest, the relationship is already a completed cycle. To be able to close is to grow, and these days, you can do so in a mature, evolutionary and conscious way, making room for the new thing you want to enter. The new moon in Sagittarius activates all energies of fire, predisposes them to organize trips, to new internal or external paths, vibrates with ideals. Start focusing arrows on targets you have in the short term.

Zodiac Beacon

The regent of Taurus, Venus, again entered the intense Scorpio. This income can open old wounds to emotional dependencies that seem overwhelmed, but have a reflottage to close definitely. When he makes a noise that the other works on his personal freedom (and it is confused with a lack of love or negligence), when possession destroys or breaks relationships, it is time to consider traumas or very profound situations that show that your inner child is still hurt and claim love. Possibility of walking in bone and healing, revising old acquired patterns. Remember, draw what you radiate, work on yourself! The new moon in Sagittarius gives fire and forces to make decisions that have been postponed.

Gemini horoscope

The Regent of the Twins, Mercury, is directly this week in intense Scorpio, activation of calls, meetings, messages, various contacts, but also quackery, excesses and surface, on the one hand, and distrust, assumptions and rampages that the other contains. The challenge will be to be selective, to choose from the heart that meetings or meetings bring to love, validate them, and make them feel better, and who do not. The mouse tires, the mind will be restless, and among all these thoughts there will surely be a lot of valuable ideas that can remain unnoticed amidst so much noise. Try not to let them go. The new moon in the Sagittarius provides new compasses and, dropping in its opposite sign, reveals problems you may not have wanted to see before.

Cancer for cancer

The new moon awakens them, illuminates them, fulfills them with abundant energy for new projects. If they are homely and still do not feel ready to leave the familiar areas, it does not matter. They can generate these ventures from their homes and offices. But do not overlook the creative part, which will spread with news. As for the family and the meetings, there may be a tightening of the war in Fiesta, doing what your heart dictates. Do not go if you do not feel like that, or if you want something else. It's time for you to become authentic and honest with yourself and your friends.

Horoscope for Leo

The Sun, the ruler of Leo, will try Neptune. Spirituality is activated, but also the shadow. Do not confusion and feeling know where to go? They may feel diluted or with little energy. The feeling is that they need ease, loosening of the mind and control, because all this stress goes directly into the body. When relaxation does not come and every time you add more responsibilities and burdens to your life, you will be hurt. Possibility of treatment through changing attitudes, for example, requesting and delegating, trusting those who love them. The new moon in Sagittarius activates a lot of travel desire, a good week for organizing vacations, and developing better self-help strategies.


Horoscope for the Virgo

Mercury, Regent of Virgo, returns to its direct movement in Scorpio and it helps them to get out a bit more than a certain shy or lagging tendency, and to feel more sensual and magnetic. While they are experts in order, detail, and perfectionism, this week allow yourself a little lack of control in good terms, do not be aware of what they are doing, some tastes and a little excess of good. After the holidays, they will have time to return to the axis and the order, but these days, good toasts and nice meetings, easy and free laughter, putting out the hair and putting on that dress that saved him for a special occasion. It will make you feel great. The new moon in Sagittarius brings joy and optimism.

Horoscope for Libra

The ruler of the Libra, Venus, enters the deep Scorpio. All this can open the wounds on the basis of "what they will say" and the appearance of others, which greatly affects them, and often, even if they want to ignore it, can not. If you think that many of the things you choose and make you meet, if your energy is used to maintain social masks, it can hurt when it comes to light and becomes evident. They are moments of healing and seeing why they do what they do and for whom it will be important. To be flawless with the word, to be honest with connections and to learn to set boundaries will be of utmost importance. The new moon in Sagittarius extends the horizon and generates new energies for fire activation.

Horoscope for Scorpio

Mercury and Venus go to Scorpio this week, while the moon passes through its sign, how intense it is! Under the crown of Christmas and colored lights that are already beginning to look into the city, they can feel pain and sorrow. Their ability to see beyond the obvious will link them to the underground currents of others and, under the social mask, will feel that everything that shines is not gold. It is important to use this time to understand the phase you want to close, for which you are ending. Which connections and connections no longer vibrate with you, what situations and places do you have to leave. Use this time to clean and do not contaminate too much with the outside. Seek, however hard it may be, some moments of silence to be with you. The new moon in the Sagittarius decompresses, carries faith and makes them more aware of their capacities to intuit and see beyond the ordinary reality.

Horoscope for Sagittarius

New Moon in Sagittarius this week, planting time! Moment of expansion, joy, faith, optimism and planning with the feet of the earth the movements that are needed to realize some dreams, because, however faith is, they will not be solved by themselves. Strength and strength to move forward and to stop believing in their talents and abilities. It's time to register your internal resources to falsify plans and goals. The mistrust of self and self-sabotage will be a serious mistake because energy is preparing to pave the way for you and expand where you want to move forward and feel ready. Avoid excesses and put limits, because if not, they risk to feel too tired and will need to be activated to begin with all their projects.

Horoscope for Capricorn

The moon in Sagittarius eases it a bit, loses it and connects with pleasure. On the other hand, the moon of the moon will also go through its sign this week. This energy explosion will connect you very deeply with your personal authority, and if you have put the power out, in others it will be time to re-examine if you want to continue or if you should already feel your own bosses. The independence of labor has good and bad sides, but with the firmness and responsibility you handle, it is quite possible and very advantageous. Think about it. These are times of profound changes and everything that does not vibrate with you will be considered. The structures that give shelter sometimes become prisons. What will give evidence for this will be the body, is there any back pain? Is there too much burden in your life now?

Aquarius horoscope

The new moon in the Sagittarius brings emotionality and a lot of inner movement. The ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, is retrograde, and the appearance is inside. If you work, you do for others and out, it's time to look inside, from silence and introspection. From there you will find the answers you are looking for. Sometimes we fill ourselves with the activities and responsibilities of our own and others so that we do not have to face ourselves. The new suggests that they will not be able to postpone the inner journey and the necessary silence to listen to each other. The energy is open to looking for answers inside yourself, not outside of it or in the surroundings. The silence of the mind is to find the way. Intuition and media abilities are intensified, the spiritual will always be a cure. To stop it does not stop, it is to order, take root and go to much better planted.

Ribbon Horoscope

Mars this week meets Neptune in Pisces. Time to action and create it from safe. You, so spiritually, sometimes dream of waking up, but do not come to naught, you often fail in concrete, get down on the ground and go safely. They are demotivating if the results are not immediate. The energies will support you to return to certain more natural times, more connected with the present and not so much with the future (where you live many times). Building days, block by block, with joy and effort, with dedication and endurance, there are times of great achievements. To be flawless with the word, to be honest with connections and to learn to set boundaries will be of utmost importance. The new moon in the Sagittarius brings more fire and driving ability.

By astrologer Juliet Suarez Valente.

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