Saturday , July 31 2021

"We have the same desire": the message of Maurice Mackie for the New Year

President Maurizio Makri welcomed the year 2019 with a message he published on social media under the title "We have the same desire".

"I wanted to greet you at this moment to share the joy with which the year begins, I hope you are now celebrating with love for the people you love most or that are alive in your memory and in your heart," the head of state said.

And completed: "I know that you and I have the same desire for this year that begins: to overcome the challenges that come to us (whatever happens), to be better every day, to stay united, I have unbeatable confidence that we will achieve"

Earlier, the head of the Cabinet Marcos Pena and the Governor of Buenos Aires Maria Evgenia Vidal They did the same.

Peña dismissed 2018 ("what a year," he restricted himself to say no details of the difficulties the government was facing) and welcomed it until 2019 ("I am convinced that it will be a much better year").

In his message, the head of the cabinet thanked "Stamina, support in difficult times, warnings and good milk reviews for improvement". He particularly mentioned "Luciana (his wife), boys, family, friends, fellow travelers, everyone who welcomes and accompanies him from this place."

And referring to 2018, he said: "I believe that everything we live makes us grow older, we have made it even stronger and made us double harder to work hard to reach this country forward."

He added: "I am convinced that 2019 will be a much better year, that we will go forward and we will ratify the path of changes that we started three years ago."

To close with more personal desire. "For the rest: love, health, happiness, joy to each of you in this new year."

For its part, Vidal wished the residents of Buenos Aires a happy new year. "I know they were not easy months, but together we are fighting to make progress and we will continue to struggle to transform the province we want," he said. He added: "I sincerely hope that you will have a happy new year surrounded by the people you love the most, and I hope that you will be able to fulfill all that you propose."

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