Tuesday , May 18 2021

"We arrived at the police accidentally" | Commissioner …

The FOIA Fire Brigade Commander was removed from office yesterday after attacking his section of Condominis del Alto, whose taxes were in the house of Esteban Alvarado, who was shot dead for a mafia-like crime. The proceedings were conducted within 14 raids for the murder of Lucio Maldonado, a lender killed two weeks ago in the south. Yesterday prosecutors Matthias Ederi and Luis Skiapa Pietra said they were deputy chief of the brigade. "I came to him accidentally, we did not investigate him," they said of a police officer who was not arrested, although his situation was analyzed when he tried to find Alvarado, who in 2016 was convicted of the head of a gang of high-level car thieves. range, and was on probation. Now they are examining him for the crime. Without naming him, the prosecutors said that "the person who was examined for the murder would be the one who ordered it." Maldonado was kidnapped by the door of his house and climbed to the "Renault Canyon". Two days later, on November 13, he was shot with a sign saying: "Do not fuck with the mafia."

Javier M. lives in one of the luxurious apartments near the shopping center Alto Rosario. He said the money to buy the apartment came from his partner. Yesterday, in one of the raids, the investigators gave them expenses and other taxes in one-fifth of Alvarado, with the address of Condominios del Alto. As a result, federal troops and specialist troops arrived at the scene. After that, he was separated from the post by the Ministry of Security preventively, in order not to obstruct the investigation.

However, from the prosecution they stated that there was no charge against the police officer; but yes, the fact that he found him in a department linked to Alvarado appears as a suspect, and he was under scrutiny.

Maldonado was killed on November 13 in a collection called Circunvalación, a few meters from the highway to Buenos Aires. He was 37 years old and had three bullets in his body. They found the poster among their clothes.

Alvarado's name has been heard for many years in the corridors of local courts; but it was justice in Buenos Aires, which condemned it in 2016. A few months ago he was released on probation by two-thirds of the sentence he served. Transcendents say that the man does not speak on the phone, but has direct contacts.

Maldonado was killed on November 13 in a Circunvalación collection, meters from the highway.

Last Wednesday, Maldonado's crime took over the investigators at Los Muhachos, near Pinero, where an attack was carried out. There they found documentation and taxes on behalf of Alvarado. The investigation consisted in establishing the route of the vehicle that kidnapped the victim, at Garibaldi to 600, in the settlement Tableta, on November 11, at 12.42. After that, the research came in the neighborhood of Funes Hills and the Condominis del Alto department, among other places.

In a dialogue with the press, prosecutors said no people were arrested for the murder. "In the first search, we found documentation that led us to other homes, the first place is related to a person examined for the murder that led to other raids," said Skiapa Pietra of Alvarado. Regarding the policeman, he said: "We came there for documentation of the address in the name of Alvarado, who said he was the head of the department, who has a job and is trying to determine who bought it and has nothing to do with the killing," they explained.

The raids were also made at the logistic company of the Camino de las Karelis at 8300; a house where the money was abducted, at Misiones at 800; another house where a car was seized, in a country of air force in 2300; the house of Juan XXIII to 1400, where Miguel Angel M. was arrested for possessing a 32-gauge pistol, which also has nothing to do with the crime.

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