Thursday , April 22 2021

We are in order to get a "BRILLIANT" view of Jupiter

Jupiter will be "the largest and brightest" this June, offering a fantastic chance to see the largest planet in the solar system.

According to NASA, the planet will rise in twilight and remain visible all night.

"[Jupiter] is a brilliant gem of the naked eye, but it looks fantastic through a binoculars or a small telescope that will allow you to see the four biggest moons, and perhaps even see a hint of bound clouds surrounding the planet …

"In mid-June, Mars and Mercury emerge with ultra-close ties right after sunset in two days, on June 17th and 18th (a map in the sky). You will need a fairly clear view of the western horizon to you will catch them, because the pair will be just a few degrees above it (and farther north, where you are, the smaller it will be). But you have to be spectacular if you can control it. "

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