Saturday , July 31 2021

Warnings are given for intense storms, hailstorms and winds

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Yesterday, the city of Buenos Aires experienced high fever during the afternoon, with a thermal sensation that exceeded 40 degrees. Now,
The National Meteorological Service (SMN) issued a short-term warning with information on the possibility of heavy rains in the province of Buenos Aires.

The places that may be affected are:

May 25

, July 9,


, Bolivar, Bragado, Carlos Casares, Castelli,


, Chaskamus,


, General Alvaar, General Belgrano, General Guido,

General Laval

, General Paz, Las Flores, Lezama, Lincoln, Lobos, Pehuoyo, Pila, India Point, Rauh, Roque Perez, San Miguel del Monte, Saladillo, Tapalke and Tardillo.

Last Tuesday at 22.30, the SMN issued warnings of strong storms for Buenos Aires province, south of Cordoba, north of La Pampa, east of


, south of

San Luis

, south of Santa Fe and the city of Buenos Aires and Rio de la Plata. The alarm will be updated at 4.30 in the morning.

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The agency, meanwhile, announced that a hot, very damp and unstable mass of air prevails in the region. And because of this, isolated storms of varying intensity are registered in the center and east of the province of Buenos Aires. It is expected that they will be generalized in the rest of the coverage area during this early morning, some of which may be locally strong and be accompanied by intense raids, falling city, strong electrical activity, and an abundant localized drop in water.

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A warning was issued for heavy rains and storms in the province of Corrientes, north of Entre Rios and south of Misiones, at 20.30, which will rule until 2.30 today. He explained that isolated rains and storms of varying intensity are developing over the surface of coverage and that some of them could be locally intense and be accompanied by flashes, important electrical activity, occasional drop in the city and abundant water fall localized

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The agency also clarified that, in this area, the conditions will tend to temporarily improve in the morning, the persistent unstable conditions.

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