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Wang Nara's dreadful fall in the program of Italian television – 26.04.2015

A few days ago, Wanda Nara was subjected to several criticisms after she showed her skills to dance tango in the program Tiki Taka on Italian television, where for some time he was a panelist.

Mauro Icardi's wife did not improvise anything and, after many tests, performed a choreography that greatly welcomed the Italian public. Of course, now the video has skipped, showing the difficulties that the plates had in the previous tests.

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At the intersection of the program, and before showing her skills for traditional Argentine dance, Mauro Icardi's wife began to remember the choreography. However, one of the passes is shown as mud, and partly because of his partner, stumbles and falls on the floor on the back.

Everything was filmed in a video that also sees its partners and program producers scared and tries to abolish it. However, this did not happen to large: after the fall, Wanda stood on the ground, holding her head loudly laughing and everything remained in a funny anecdote for the sister of Zaire Nara.

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Something before that, in the same essay, he already had a failure with his dancer, but he managed to keep the balance. While on Italian television they reported the video as a blouse, in Argentina the comments were more rigorous. In fact, Cinthia Fernández, a panelist on Los Angeles in the morningHe ruined it.

Look, too

"I'm ashamed of others. It's like a scrap bag that moves. That's horror, "he said. Meanwhile, Ángel de Brito, the program driver, analyzed his performance in a 2 x 4 rhythm." It was always a thief, Wanda, it's a bitch, "the driver shot.

The final choreography, after several failed attempts, ended as if it had come out better than expected. Even, Wanda finished the dance with a complete opening of the feet on the floor. Although criticism in social networks, it could not fail. And stumbling does not fall even less for the greatest of Nara!

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