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Vulvodinia: the elusive malestar that provokes sexual perversion

Specifically, more than one surgery is performed to reduce the intensity of pain in the external part of the abdomen. vagina, una molestia crónica, con ardor, irritation, prurito, quemazón, dispareunia (malestar at the moment of penetration), without any recurrent diagnosis.

The focus is on the superficial, the superficial and the superficially intense and moderately varied, with a more sophisticated and visually appealing approach.

I just have a problem installing, restoring sexual relations and sexual intercourse in one step or another. deserotización that generates local estrogen peroxide and consequently disables lubrication and molestation.

This track is intended for vulvodinia and is positioned on a combination of different subtypes, with a view to obtaining simultaneous sequences or sequential manners. Comúnmente, coexist or are superponies for vulvovaginitis and vestibulitis.

The vulvodinia is encoded in a dementia, which has a tendency to have other syndromes ligated into the dolor and the trastornos.

La vulvar vestibulitis that the characteristic of molestation of hypersensitivity to the exterior of the vagina. The criterion for diagnostics involves the intensification of tactic or intentional vaginal ingestion, and sensitivity to local pressure. The vulvovaginitis, in tanto, comprises the tooth of the vulva. It is customary that the area is enriched.

There are many causes before la vulvodinia. Cada mujer es un caso iconico. But eso, hay que buscar al profesional idóneo, especializado en la materia.

Possible causes of this pathology, as well as other causes of infections, sexual problems, sexual abuse, infertility such as Behcet's (inflammation of the lungs) and autoimmune disease syndrome las glándulas that produce lágrimas y saliva, and that cause the resequedad in boca yojos and puede afectar otras partes del cuerpo).

También hay to eliminate the posibilidad de enfermedad de Crohn (inflammation of the digestive tracts), precancerous lesions and cancers, irritation of the skin of the interior of the house, creosote suppositories and products for the hygiene of women and pathologic lesions (dermatitis, eccemas, psoriasis), entrails .

La vulvodinia se encuentra aumento, de la misma otera that otros syndromes ligados con el dolor y los trastornos de ansiedad. Before abortion, it is necessary to have a diagnostic of precision and posterior rearrangement in the genital area with a placenta center and no abnormalities.

Enter for multiple passages that are delivered through a vulvodinia catheter, as quoted: Do you have any lesions with vaginal infections? ciclos recurrentes de urinary infections and vaginal infections; dolor, pero no infección; syndromes that present in a series of infections or a traumatic injury that occurs during surgery or surgery; allergies or problems dermatológicos; diagnosis of interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, irritable colon or autoimmune autoimmune o inflammation; declive en el interés sexual, depressión o estrés. No automedicarse, recurrir as a professional.

(*) Laura Szafirstein (MN. 51.120) is a dermatologist, specialized in vulvodinia, a resident of Sociedad Argentina of Dermatology and of the Academia Americana de Dermatología.

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