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Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport: Impact and Deportivo

HAs only one of them, Volkswagen has unveiled the logo of the deportation division that has been renovating the flag of the German flag that has been commissioned to promote the emblem present in the Frankfurt Salon. Ahora, the only convertible that has been rated R in one of the following: the Atlas Cross Sport, the variants of the Atlas / Teramont aggressive aesthetic that are currently available in the official Salon de Los Angels.

To be sure, anticipation of a concept that is likely to be the final number and result of the final prototype is different: complementary to what the Cambodians have to do with their actual production and production, as well as adopting marc's conventions. Featured impressed with portable features, such as handhelds that can be accessed by techies and techies, these tires are relative to these dimensions, which have a distance of 4.86 meters, 1.73 meters of altitude and 2, 02 metros de ancho (+4 cm respect for a conventional version). Estimates that the Atlas difference is "normal" but susceptible to marcados and estilizados, can only be remodeled posteriorly, with elaborate C incorrect inclinations. The R-Line variant aggregates various details in brilliant negro color, with alloys of 21 pulgadas with diamond terminals and specialty logos.

vw atlas

This aesthetic concoction is geared towards the single most deported imagery and dynamics, the Cross Sport debuted its all-wheel drive, but only had a capacitive front for 5 passages and a generous battery of 1,141 liters of capacitad (amplifier). 2.203 liters, rebatiendo la segunda fila).

Además de las diferencias a mencionadas, the interior of también ganoo deportividad, con me alas aluminio y revestimientos bitono. Apart from new multimedia systems with 4G LTE Internet hotspot, Premium audio equipment of 12 pars, 100% digital configurable audio and instrumentation with Active Info Display conductor, with 10.25 ”pants.

atlas atras

The Atlas Cross Sport features built-in conduit assistants such as Traffic Jam Assist, which incorporates velocidad cruise control and adaptive cartridge control system into embotellamientos.

Engine mounted on diesel engines with the Atlas: a 2.0 TSI propulsion engine with 240 CV and 35.7 kg of torque and a 3.6 VR6 of 280 CV and 36.8 kg in front of the 8-speed automatic transmission. velocidades and the 4Motion integral traction system.

interior atlas

Currently, however, only commercial flights in the United States and China are available for purchase online.

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