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Virus alert hidden in Christmas greeting

During Christmas, several WhatsApp users received a strange message. Although they were in contact, the content included a bad link because it was a virus.

By the end of the year parties, many unscrupulous use the messages that are sent to circulate viruses. This time, they managed to do it through a strange welcome WhatsApp.

The popular instant messaging application was once again damaged by viral propagators. As evidenced by the RPP of WhatsApp, cyber criminals have spread the Christmas message that hides a virus that puts users at risk.

Virulally, several users of WhatsApp They received a strange but simple message from a friend or family member registered as a contact, which included a connection that when opened was reportedly safe for Christmas greeting. However, he hid something else.

By clicking on the link, the user was redirected to a portal where he had to complete the personal data to see the splash. In this way, cyber criminals have managed to transmit the virus and remove user data.

For those who have been cyber-attacked, it is advisable to delete the message WhatsApp and notify contacts that the phone has a virus that sends messages in a massive way.

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