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VIDEO: The high resolution of the photo allows you to see what people eat hundreds of meters

A 360-degree panoramic photo made from the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower in the Chinese city of Shanghai recently became viral.

The photo, taken from a height of 230 meters, became popular after this Tuesday by Canadian journalist Tracy Lindman notice in your Twitter account that the image has such a high resolution that when you enlarge it you can see it they eat restaurants on street restaurants, as well as restaurants facial expressions by passers-by and drivers who are hundreds of meters away from the camera.

The journalist initially suggested that the image was taken from a satellite using some quantum technology, but in fact it was received in 2015 by the Chinese company Jingkun Technology, or BigPixel, when the Shanghai News Bureau invited her to photograph the city

The image has a resolution of 195 gypsycheli, and according to the company, is a photo with the highest resolution in Asia.

The resolution of digital cameras and smartphones is usually measured in megapixels or 1 million pixels, so a 12 megapixel camera can, for example, produce images with a total of 12 million pixels. But in this case it is a matter of gypsychelles, 1,000 million pixels.

In reality, the panorama consists of many smaller images that were combined into one of the fusion technology pictures, Reports Fossbytes. The project generated great interest around the world and received 8.2 million visits per year. Now it has become a Shanghai business card in the world.

The photography not only captures the urban landscape, but also perpetuates dozens of everyday situations that happened in that precise second and its protagonists. Some have even managed to recognize the closest among the many people that can be seen by zooming in. "I think I've seen my dad", shared the user.

Others could not avoid joking about the scenes shot by the camera: "I found the next car accident"wrote another user on the Internet.

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