Saturday , July 31 2021

Video: Arrested in Lanús the man who fired on the street during the New Year celebration

Early in the morning, and while in some places the New Year celebration continued, the neighbors of Lanús Este noticed an armed man shoots in the corner of Tukuman and Onkativo. He wore a gun in each hand and saw excited driving from one side to another in the company of a woman.

The incident occurred at 3 am and was reported by a call of 911. The Lanus Municipality Monitoring Center noticed what happened in the security cameras and ordered them to be arrested.

As can be seen in the video, a man tries to resist, but is finally taught when surrounded by patrols. As explained Infobae police sources "owned a gun Bersa Thunder Pro 9 mm No. H62068 with seven ammunition in its charger and a brand of revolver Tavros 357 No. CX933944 with four ammunition unchanged in his drum and two pieces served."

The subject was identified as Jose Victor Lorizo, 60, who has a seat on several blocks from which the episode appeared. Next to him was his wife, Maria Rosa Spina, 61 years old.

Dr. Grieko, from the Functional Unit for Teaching and Judgments no. 2, a judge of Lomas de Zamora, a decentralized headquarters of Lanus, intervenes in the case.

Last week, during the Christmas holidays, two similar events took place, and with a tragic end: two minors were seriously injured in bullets lost in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

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