Friday , July 30 2021

Very spicy! The cynical post of Cynthia Fernandez vs. Flor de la Vie after her passage with Valeria Archimbo

He passed between a tense moment Flor de la Vie and Valeria Archimão live in the driver's program, in which the dancer remembers an incident that they both lived ten years ago when they shared a poster in the work "The party is in Tabaris", Of Gerardo Sofovich. And what he did for Cynthia Fernandez to replicate the news and write a spicy message against the host.

It all started when Archimedes threw Flora de la Vie in the face, because she could not play with Hernan Pikin in one of the music numbers.

"Gerardo said we did not dance together because they did not leave us. The image has never been made. Flor was the head of the company and there are things that decide for the company's managers and you must eat them. It was all right", a dancer shot, while the driver's face was transformed.

"No, it was not like that. I do not have to lie to you"Capochrome has returned."I did not know this, I did not know. I come to breakfast with what I do these things, and I'm not such a man. I live by learning that so many people descended. It will be Mother's Flower, instead of the Flower of the Night! That you are assigned things that you are not …"he replied.

Feather Archimede She does not silence: "It's good to get it out, because we're never talking about it. It is a pity that we did not speak at the time, because now Gerardo is not"He added.

Before this tense exchange, the panellist Los Angeles de la Manna do not miss the opportunity to pass an "account" Flower of Ve. In your Twitter account, Cinthia wrote: "Jajajajaajjajajan I love Vale what you love! Little by little, the mask falls. Serial Denar You should be encouraged to say what's normal before, because little by little there is less abuse of power by "LAs grandes figuras.""The little angel criticized.

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