Tuesday , July 27 2021

Very hot! The picture of Carol G is almost naked with Anhui AA

Karol G went crazy in social networks after she posted her Instagram photography account with her boyfriend, Anuel AA.

ANUEL AA and Carol G.
ANUEL AA and Carol G.

The Colombian singer, Karol G, is prominent as one of the most important female artists in Latin urban music. His Instagram account has millions of followers who craze in every photo and video posted by the singer.

In the photo, the interpreter of "Mi Kama" appears on the bed, and raises the half-naked affection of her partner, Anhui AA.

The picture has the text "SECRET 15-01-19", which appears to be the name of the new song and the date that will come out.

Instagram Karol G in the picture with her boyfriend, Anel AA.
Carol G's instagram with an image next to her boyfriend, Angel AA.

Recall that the attitude of singers began only by flirting and clarification of Karoll that his relationship with Puerto Rico Rugbyker was just a friendship. After a few months, everything came to light.

In November last year, the couple confirmed what everyone was thinking of a tender announcement from the singer on his Instagram account: "26 years of life and I never met a person with the heart that you had !!!!!!! And the heart is so pure and so nice !!!!!!!! Thanks for making the best birthday of my life, I love you with the whole of my life the light of my eyes !!!!!!!! ONE FACE WHO I LIKE A FRIENDLY HEART AND I DO NOT WANT YES WE WILL MAKE MY FATHER YOU ALL !!!!!!!! ".

Instagram of Anel AA with a picture with his girlfriend Karol G.
Instagram of Anel AA with a picture with his girlfriend Karol G.

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The tattooed tattoo that Karol G and Anael AA were made to seal their love

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