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Ventura's eschatological blogger, Kalou, does not share a table with "beaters" and Nacha against babies "for genetic manipulation"

November 30, 2018

In her column on the shows of Lanata Sin Filtro, Marina Calabro reviewed the hottest topics about Argentine fun.

Adrián Ventura's incredible sophisticated blueprint! The journalist was part of the TN G20 coverage. The "incident" happened with Lorena Matsiel's announcement: "Adrian Ventura has information about the summit, Adrian Dezinos". After a short silence, the journalist's response was heard: "Yes, I'm in the bathroom" Besides that: "Show Plates" on TV "Crohn".

Calu Rivero got out of filming "PH"! The protagonist of "Bells in the Night" had its presence compromised on Saturday's program, which was filmed yesterday. At the last minute, he warned he was giving up because "I do not want to share anything with two attackers" in connection with Fede Bal (reported by Barbie Velez) and Polaco (sentenced by Valeria Akino, the mother of her daughter Alma). In the case of Ball, he was dismissed by Judge Walter Candela at the beginning of April 2017. In the case of Polaco, he was discharged from the Cassation in the event of injuries and continued the charge of coercion initiated by his former partner.

Nacha Guevara attacked the showbiz babies of the show! The host of the "Incorrectas" version of the "Cafe Concert" directed three small celebrities: Mirko, Matilda and Dionisio; the children of Marli, Luciana Salazar and Flavio Mendoza, respectively. "There is something that attracts my attention: Should everyone be blond and blue-eyed? Those who are elected because they choose … I find it strange. It's okay to choose what you want, but it's a child, not something you will buy. " "I want someday one who makes one of those treatments to have a black baby. That day we have fun. I'm worried about this for the future, that all are so white."

Super-tense crossing between Flor Vijay and Lauria Fernandez will be aired after # PhotoGate! The girl of Cabra and his co-star saw the faces of others – and they said everything – on the ShowMatch trail. "I explained what the whole event knows and happened. I never went to the dressing room of Cabra and less in the car. I never had a relationship other than work. And I'm very good with my boy 4 years ago"Unhappy working climate in"My brother is a clone": The protagonists are not talking, the scenes between them are not practiced (they are recorded directly), there were summaries about the position of Cabra during the shoot (for example, saying" I love you "inadvertently and breathless when the scene required an incentive passion).

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