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Unusual! He made 3500 kilometers to go to a sick party to which he was not invited

January 26, 2019

By mistake, Villa Novak was invited to the party of a foreigner by a stranger, but also made thousands of kilometers to attend the celebration and became viral.

Graduated party

It all started with the wrong message on his mobile phone. Will Novak was included by mistake in a group of Whatsapp who designed the organization of the divine party of a man called Angelo Although he did not know the honorary, he traveled 3500 kilometers and was present at the celebration. The story was shared on social networks and quickly became viral.

Will Novak For 35 years, he was surprised to receive that invitation from an unknown group: "Bring the teams of the 80s, funny ski suits. Ask Anghalo to take it and bring it," the first message said. Even without knowing who it is Novak He replied: "I have no idea who Angelo is. My name is Will Novak, I live in Arizona. Vermont is a bit far to travel in a diploma to a person I have never met. That said: count on me! "


The two cities are 3,500 kilometers long, one is east of the United States and the other in the West. Immediately, the organizers were excited by an entertaining response and insisted on it Novak Be part of the celebration: "We want to meet you. Your answer is one of the best (if not the best) e-mail reply that someone wrote." We insist you will come. "

The mistake was made because the man who married had a friend called William Novak and the similarity in names confused friends at the time of the creation of the group.

The party was made up! The group put rhythm on hold at the service station

Will He decided to share this exchange of messages on his Facebook account and expose his situation to his "friends" on this social network: "Please, should I leave my wife and 9-month-old son and go a fun party of a person I do not know, and who lives on the other side of the country? Because, at this moment, I am resolved! "Explain the 35-year-old man.

This story quickly became viral and an online finance platform account was organized to cover the cost of your trip Vermont and I could have lived this fun experience.

Diploma 2

After your arrival and your participation in the celebration, Will Novak He shared the pictures of the trip and was completely satisfied with the crazy decision: "It was an absolute success: no one died or we were not arrested". In return, he learned that the honor and his wife expect a baby, even they Will decided to give money collected in the funding platform.

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