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Tyson pulled out 18 tons of chicken pizza, because there may be rubber in them

"Tyson Foods" recalled more than 36 thousand pounds of chicken nuggets as federal sources mentioned it It could be contaminated with rubber.

The product was withdrawn from the market after the company received accompanying complaints with "weird material" that some people are found in their "Panko" chickens lumps (from packaged white meats), mentioned on Tuesday US Department of Agriculture.

Officials categorize it Retirement in class I class, which means it exists "reasonable probability" that consumption of contaminated foods causes serious consequences for health, and even death. However, there are no reported diseases, officials say.

"Tyson Foods" said consumers are calling the company after find small pieces of blue rubber soft on the lumps. The company said the tire was found in "very small number" of packages, but decided to withdraw 36,420 kilograms of the product "as a precaution".

The products were sent to stores across the country, although it is not known which of them. They were produced on November 26, 2018 and have expiration deadline November 26, 2019, according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA, an acronym in English).

Officials said that consumers who bought the products and frozen them return them or eject them.

"Tyson Food" with Headquartered in Arkansas, produces a wide range of pre-cooked and packaged chicken foods. It has a factory prosecution and sacrifice in Missouri, where it is said that the contaminated products originate.

The company withdrew about 3,000 pounds from its products in frozen, because it contains plastic. In 2016, the company recalled 132,000 pounds of chicken dogs allegedly contaminated rubber and in 2015, the company withdrew 52,000 pounds of chicken wings due to a "bad smell". He also recalled that the same year he threw 16,000 kilograms of his products Beef beef for the possibility of having E. coli.

Other companies also withdrew poultry products in the last month. "Perdue Foods" and "Harvest Food" removed thousands of kilograms of ready-to-eat chicken meals to eat because of "Inaccurate brands and undeclared allergens". Company products contain milk, a known allergen, but this is not indicated on the labels.

"Perdue Foods" he also retired recently 68,000 pounds of chicken lumps which would be contaminated by wood, authorities say.

Pie from pig meat pork, manufactured by Johnsonville, have left the market for fear of opportunity contain rubberofficials say.

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