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Typhoon Hagibis protests Japan's Rugby World Cup: ties to regulation and anger in Scotland and Italy

Japanese authorities have provided information on the effects Hagibis Typhoon may have. Source: AP

TOKYO – France may be angry. Italy may feel humiliated. Ireland, liberated. Japan, expected.
Typhoon Hagibis was approaching the island and influenced the development of
Japan Rugby World Cup 2019. For the first time there will be matches that will not be played. But this is nothing but the effect this could have on the continuity of the match. Fundamentally, Scotland was screaming in the sky with the prospect of being eliminated without playing. And
World Rugby More than ever in the eye of the storm.

With the arrival of the typhoon predicted on Saturday, it forced the sport's mother entity to suspend two matches and question another. The annulment of England against France and New Zealand against Italy, which was scheduled for Saturday, has no major implications for the continuity of the event, beyond the criticism of those concerned. Instead, Japan's decision against. Scotland was postponed for a week, hours before the game started. If not played, the Scots will be eliminated and the Irish are doomed to play with
All blacks in the quarterfinals.

Training of the Scottish team in Fizuka
Training of the Scottish team in Fizuka Source: AFP

The regulation is clear as well as questionable: if the match cannot be contested under any weather, a 0-0 draw will be declared and each team will receive two points. "If the group stage match cannot start on the scheduled day, that match will not be adjourned the next day and will be considered invalid. In that case, the match result will be declared invalid and the teams will receive two points and the marker will not to be registered, ”the regulation says.

Thus, New Zealand guaranteed the lead of Group B and Italy, which had one last hope (had to defeat all blacks for the first time), was eliminated.

For Group C, Pumas, England and France had to play for first place and quarterback available. However, the tie kept the Englishmen happy at the top and the French were conforming because they did not have to take on a non-contending match.

Scotland wants to fight on the ground

Where it can really have serious consequences is in Japan versus. Scotland Top will leave the Japanese classified and secured as they leave Scotland without a chance to play. In addition, Ireland would pull in second: it should win its Saturday match against Samoa in Fukuoka, which was ratified, and expect the locals to decline to face New Zealand in the quarter-finals.

"We are in constant contact with World Rugby at all levels to secure the match against Japan as planned," a Scottish Union spokesman told The Telegraph. "Safety is a priority. With the impact of defining Zone A, the Scottish Union expects contingency plans to be set up to allow Scotland to fight for its place in the quarter-finals on the pitch, and it will be flexible to allow that to happen. " , he added.

Italian sadness

Sergio Paris, the Italian captain, was unhappy with the World Cup's decisions.
Sergio Paris, the Italian captain, was unhappy with the World Cup's decisions. Source: AFP

Italy had an almost utopian qualification opportunity (had to win with bonus points and not all blacks were added), but the opportunity to face the "Blacks" was already sufficient motivation, added to the historic chance of haunting the players.

"It is difficult to accept that we will not have a chance to face one of the best teams in the world. If New Zealand needed four or five points against us, the match would not be canceled," he complained.
Sergio Paris, Captain of
Azure. "We had the opportunity to play in a great stadium against a great team. It's funny that this decision was made. It's not that the fans arrived yesterday. It's funny that there is no plan B, because it is not new for typhoons to affect Japan. to have a plan B, ”protested the Argentine-born footballer.

I saw the reaction of the players after training and it was terrible, these guys gave their lives for Italian rugby and the World Cup ended in training camp

Connor O & # 39; Cea, coach of Italy

The match was destined to be the last from Paris in the Italian national team, though the nationalized platinum did not confirm his retro. Instead, there will be coward Leonardo Giraldini, who made a great effort to recover from a knee ligament injury and was preparing to play his fourth World Cup (he went to the bank and watched action for the first time in Japan). When news broke at the end of Thursday's workout, tears flooded his eyes.

Steve Hansen, on the other hand, coach of All Blacks, said the decision was so logical that even Donald Trump would do it: "The man from the United States would make the same decision," he said. "It is frustrating, but time cannot be controlled. We will not endanger people's lives. " Now New Zealand will have another week to wait for Ireland, Japan or Scotland.

The typhoon would arrive on Saturday and attack Japan's central area, so matches to be played in Tokyo (England vs. France) and Toyota (New Zealand vs. Italy) were suspended; Japan versus Scotland would be in Yokohama. Not so much to play in the south (Ireland vs. Russia, Saturday in Fukuoka and US vs. Tonga on Sunday in Osaka) or in the north (Namibia vs. Canada, Sunday in Kamaishi).

The positions of each group


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