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Two warnings refer to Cordoba, and in Capital, the temperature reached 40.3 °

While two warnings about Cordoba, due to strong winds and storms, on Saturday, the city of Cordoba was the furnace: the maximum temperature reached 38.6 degrees at 17.20, although it is expected to drop to 27 degrees on Sunday, according to the Meteorological Observatory Twitter.


The National Meteorological Service (SMN) announced that a strong wind warning for Cordoba and other provinces prevails.

"The crossing of the cold front through coverage will cause, in the next few hours, a change in the wind direction towards the southern sector at speeds of 50 to 70 km / h with rains up to 90 km / h. The intensity of the winds will be reduced to noon on Sunday "he said.

Also, another warning is in force, but due to severe or severe storms in Cordoba, Buenos Aires province, in the center and south of Entreos, east of La Pampa, south of La Rioja, San Luis, central and southern Santa Fe, the city Buenos Aires and Rio de la Plata.

"As a consequence of progress on the cold front, coverage is expected to be gradually hit from the southwest to the north-east with strong or severe storms in the remainder of this afternoon and early in the morning, mainly in the western part of the region," the SMN noted.

PILETA DEL PARQUE SARMIENTO. The heat invites you to refresh (Jose Hernández / Archivo).

"The same will be followed by a drop in city, intense raids, strong electrical activity and rich water in short periods," he said, adding that the next section will be updated at 9 pm.

Intensive heat in Capital

The minimum was 22.8 at 6.40 and a maximum of 38.6, although the thermal sensation climbed to 40.3 in 14. These values ​​differ from those registered in the area of ​​Ambrosio Taravela Airport. Capital

What's up?

Sunday is expected to be unstable with precipitation in the morning, cloudy in partly cloudy skies, moderate to moderate winds from the south, with a sharp drop in temperature.

At least 20 degrees and a maximum of 27 are expected.

On Monday, 15 and 31 degrees are expected; and on Tuesday, 19 and 33 years.

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