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Tucuman pride: respect for "Mercedes Sosa" from around the world

Tukuma Mercedes Sosa Today, he is honored by Google, 54 years after his legend began in Latin American folklore: when he participated for the first time at the Cosquín Festival. And the browser remembers the performance of the singer with a special laurel internationally.

On January 31, 1965, a 29-year-old girl was among the audience at the traditional Cordovan Festival. He released his first album, La Voz de la Zafra, in 1959. While waiting to make her second recording, Canciones con fundamento, Sosa was invited to take the stage in Cosquín. His career was about to fly.

It was Jorge Cafrone who invited her to leave her indelible mark. She was not on the list of musicians scheduled for that night, but everything changed.

"Negra" interpreted the Song of Indian Landslides, by Fernando Figueiredo Iramaine, which will integrate its official repertoire in 1966 with the full growth of the Movement of new songs.

"I'm going to venture, because it's dare to do what I'm going to do now and get a key from the commission, but what will we do, I have always been galloping against the wind of a very clean woman who had no opportunity to give it. she is angry, I will go with you with Tukman: Mercedes Sosa, "said Kafrun that day, as recorded in the performance record of January 31, 1965.

Today, nearly a decade after his death (October 4 will be 10 years after his death), Google celebrates a unique and unrepeatable doodle.

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