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Trump is grateful for the economy and puts weeds in the protests in Paris

"It's good that oil prices are diminishing (thanks to President T), he added, which is like a big tax, to our other good economic news," Trump wrote in his personal account on Twitter.

The price of Texas heavyweight (WTI) closed Sunday with a fall of 7.7% and was $ 50.42 a barrel on a new negative day, which resulted in the lowest level in more than a year of US crude oil.

In addition, the president said, without quoting sources, that inflation falls and concludes his tweet with a direct message to the US Federal Reserve: "Do you hear Fed?".

Recent data published by the Department of Labor, however, show that inflation rose by 0.3% in October.

The general upward trend in the prices experienced by the US economy over the past several months is one of the main arguments used by the federation to continue its policy by gradually increasing interest rates by the end of the year. which irritates Trump.

Beyond economic problems, the White House tenant has rebuked protesters who took to the streets of Paris on Saturday to "take into account" how unjust the EU is with the United States.

"The big and violent French protests do not take into account how bad the US is being treated in trade issues by the European Union, or in terms of fair and reasonable payments (to be made) for the protection of our HUNDRED ARMY, these two issues must be resolved soon, "he explained.

Tens of thousands of Frenchmen demonstrated yesterday in Paris against President Emanuel Macron's labor reform and, generally, against all of his social policies at demonstrations organized by French Radical Left leader Jean-Luc Melenchon.

Hence, it is not clear what connection Trump had seen between the protests in France and the relationship between Washington and Brussels or if he was just trying to sow the weeds so that the situation would deteriorate further.

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