Monday , May 17 2021

Trotically saves the carriers and puts all the substitutes with the river

Mojano will fight for the first time in the Wolf; Money Mercado Rohini will debut; and Monty, who has already debuted, will present him as a starter

Trotically saves the carriers and puts all the substitutes with the river

Venezuelan Hurtado will start tomorrow with River / Gonzalo Manoldi

The professional gymnastics team conducted their second practice ahead of the event, which will be tomorrow's matches with the Super League River and Thursday's Copa Argentina v Rosario Central. Already returning to Estancia Chica after returning from Mar del Plata, the Wolf put his head honestly in the mentioned games and technician Pedro Troglio already made decisions about it.

For comparison of tomorrow with Millionaire in the Monumental, Troglio will present a complete replacement team and will hold the holders to define the title against Rosarine.

This was defined in the evening, while the wearers of physical work, others developed a formal football practice. There, the team that will play in Núñez had Myano in a bow, youth debates Money market as a carrier and up Pato Monti which he had already debited during the internship Darío Ortíz, playing from the very beginning.

Owners go tomorrow to the monumental hide: Mojano; Bonifacio, Oreia, Monti and Mercado Parini; Rosales, Bolivar, Cataldi and Gomez; Calderón y Hurtado.

If so, the deputies had to: Durso; Perdomo, Fernandez, Mots and Halo; Paradela, Gutierrez, Tifner and Yara; Mello and Diane Garcia.

When the training ended, the coaching staff released a list of 19 players who will face tomorrow's game against Milo. The list is as follows:

Archers: Sebastian Moiano and Thomas Durso.

Defenders: Ezviel Bonifacio, Falcando Oreia, Patricio Monti, Diego Mercedo Parini and Thomas Fernandez.

Flyers: Santiago Rosales, Agustin Bolivar, Juan Cataldi, Luciano Perdomo, Hernan Tiefer, Victor Ayala, Jose Parradela and Alejandro Mello.

Next: Lucas Calderon, Jan Hultado, Matthias Gomez and Diane Garcia (one will be leaving the bench).


As for the activity for today, Troglio decided to split the group into two in Abostos. On the one hand, in 9 will train the usual starters, referring to the final of Copa Argentina. This is expected Martín Arias we train together with the group, because in the wake it did it with a blow.

Later, from 10:30 am they will make who will play tomorrow with River, where they will check the stopped cannon. Then, the 19 players mentioned above will have lunch at La Casona and they will remain focused.

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