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Trade guarantees that Black Friday bring relief in a difficult year

November 26, 2018 – 2:15 am
Local respected bid promotion had 52% more customers. The average shopping ticket was $ 2,560. They will conduct another discount event.

While the sales balance for Friday and Saturday of transactions in Salta-Trade, the so-called Salta Black Friday, was not as expected, there was a small jump of activity that became shabby in a bad year for the sector that earns the most and the employment generated in the province.

"All in all, the results were positive," he said. Tribune Jorge Vian, vice president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Salta.

He noted that, according to a survey done by the institution, there were 52% more clients among the business entities that adhere to the promotion than at the end of the previous weeks.

Some shops did not have a significant increase in sales, explained Vian, but most customers have managed to take advantage of discounts and payment options offered during the two days for promotion.

"It was a great success to buy with a card in installments without interest, people saw that you can overcome inflation and take advantage of the opportunity," explained the business leader and emphasized the banking entities that joined the promotions and the government provincial for its mediation for implementation of the program.

It was the sixth edition of Black Friday in Salta and this time more than 600 outlets were added from the entire province. Additionally, for the first time, the online procurement system was attended by 28 businesses.

The average purchasing per customer between Friday and Saturday was $ 2,560, and many chose to pay with a card and without interest, to take advantage of the significant opportunity at a time when the interest rate for financing led to the purchase at too high a value.

The deputy chairman of the Chamber of Commerce said that during the days of discounts there were about 60,000 people in the pedestrian capital of Salta.

He pointed out that the houses for the sale of tires and batteries had a very good sale through credit cards. He pointed out that some dealers sell cars that entered the promotion and spare parts of the vehicles.

He announced that other days of the offer for the end of the year will be organized in December. It will also continue until January promotion "3D + 15", which allows buyers of connected shops to buy up to six installments without interest Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The payment is for Visa and Mastercard credit cards issued by Macro Bank. In addition, the bank awards a refund of 15% of the total purchases, which are deducted in the summary of the card.

The superclassic

On Saturday afternoon, pedestrians Florida and Alberdi wore a desert postcard. No one wanted to miss the Copa Libertadores final between the River and Boca, who finally disappointed.

"After the match was confirmed, people began to go to the center," Vian remembers.

Latent crisis
Loss of employment and closing of the premises, a dark year for trade.

The economic recession of the country and the province has hardly affected Salta trade, which so far has lost 900 jobs this year, according to the estimates of the Union of trade employees.

Meanwhile, a survey by the Salta Chamber of Commerce and Industry showed that around 436 micro and macro centers had to close the doors because of the crisis. The entity warned that the loss is even more intense than the recording in 2016.

Vice President of the Economic Chamber, Jorge Vian, told the newspaper that in recent weeks it has been noted that several business owners who were in the center of the city and closed them started to open their businesses on the streets of the macrocentre, in order to try to reduce property costs.

The business entity also calculated that sales fell 14% this year compared to the same period of 2017.

The increase in the rates of gross income is added to the trade activity in the province. In addition, there is concern about the $ 5,000 bonus for the employees that the traders have to face.

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