Monday , May 17 2021

Toyota has expanded its crop exchange plan

With the embedding of wheat As an exchange of value, Toyota Argentina expands its Plan for exchange of cereals started at the beginning of this year, thus offering the agricultural manufacturer another alternative to acquiring any version of the range of its Hilux pickup truck.

The crop exchange plan consists of direct exchange of primary products of agricultural origin – soybean, corn, and now wheat – a commercial modality which greatly simplifies the work of the manufacturer, which directly carries out their grains to buy a version of Hilux pick up. The grain exchange plan allows the manufacturer to establish a payment method with their primary product, avoiding the use of money, which directly affects the simplicity and economic benefits to the client.

Juan Pablo Granno, general manager of marketing and product of Toyota Argentina, pointed out in this regard: "The continuation of our plan Canje Cereales confirms Toyota's commitment to our country's agricultural sector, providing the manufacturer with a new alternative to accessing its Toyota Hilux ".

In order to join the plan, the manufacturer contacts the dealer who will determine, according to the price of the day, the quantity of grains needed for the purchase of the selected vehicle. Subsequently, the manufacturer will deliver the grains to the exporting agent and will receive the vehicle from Toyota Argentina.

The plan gives specific economic and financial advantages, in addition to providing security to operate directly with the support of Toyota Argentina through its dealer network. The majority of the procedure is done online, which speeds up the management time.

Input here, more information can be obtained through the Toyota dealer network.

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