Friday , April 16 2021

Tomba is getting ready to take on the big hit

If dreams need to be met, this Godoy Cruz that little by little he renewed his winning face, he has a great one on the immediate horizon: eliminating nothing less than Boca from a whole new Super League leap.

In what will be the first crossover of history between the two, Expreso wants to leave behind a long string without defeating Xeneize. Godoy Cruz has 11 matches without losing La Ribera, with 9 losses and 2 draw. The last victory of Expreso against Xeneize was 41 in February 2011 with two goals from "Tito" Ramirez, Adrian Torres and Carlos Sanchez.

Tomba was trained yesterday on the site of Coquimbo, facing the commitment he will play next week from the 20th in front of Boca in Argentina in Malvinas, in the first part of the knockout phase of the Super League Cup.

"Morro" Garcia, recovering from his right knee, worked in the hall and was almost excluded for the match against a team led by Gustavo Alfaro, while the steering wheel Fabian Henrikes He worked with his teammates and on yesterday's test he turned a real goal.

Coach Lucas Bernardi in practice today (behind closed doors) will begin to define the team, which will have a return to the midfield of Angel Gonzales from Valentin Burgo, compared to eleven who began to play against Sporting Cristal from Peru in a 2-0 victory in the last Tuesday for Copa Libertadores.

In short, those who begin to play next week against Xeneize would have been: Roberto Ramirez; Jalil Elias, Diego Vira, Tomas Cardona and Agustin Aleo; Angel Gonzales, Juan Andrad, Kevin Gutierrez and Ezekiel Bulaud; Miguel Merediel and Juan Martin Lucero.

Today the sale of localities begins

Tomba informs that the partners will enter the stadium only with a card and without going through the secretariat. They must go through the secretariat in case they have to pay the fee or get a record for another sector.

For non-members, sales of the fans of Godoy Cruz will be tomorrow, from 10 to 18, and on Sunday, from 10 to 16, in Bodeigita (Lencinas and Tomba).

The same week will also be sold from 17.30 in ticket offices in the southern sector of the stadium Martina Argentinos.

Boca returners, meanwhile, can buy their tickets today and tomorrow from 10 am to 6 pm on the official beach at the Malvinas Argentinean ticket office.

In the event of a residual, the week will be sold at 12 in the color offices north of the stadium.

For Boca lovers there will be 5 thousand popularly available.

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