Thursday , May 6 2021

Today's Dollar: Quote with a sharp drop and returns to $ 38.70 – 29.11.2013

The value of the dollar is traded with a large drop, on the day when the operations will expand from 10 to 13 and will be – in practice – the last day of the week. Will there be no markets on Friday and the banks will not serve the public.

In the National Bank, the dollar to the public falling 70 cents to $ 38.70 and also retreats to several private banks on the third day in a row. On average, it is quoted at $ 38.83, according to a survey by the Central Bank.

Meanwhile, the wholesale market, where banks and companies operate, falling 66 cents to 37.79 dollars. Thus, the peso follows the trend of the currencies of the rest of the region. The dollar falls in all countries, including Brazil, 0.50% on average.

After triggering the currency last Monday, as a result of pesos that were released from the latest Lebac tender, the Central Bank decided to settle the monetary base through absorption of more weights in their daily tenders of Lelić. They are weekly titles that are designed specifically for banks. The subject also raised a little rate on these instruments, which fell on a daily basis. On Wednesday it closed at 61.20%.

On Wednesday, the Treasury also offered a letter in dollars. It puts $ 833 million at a rate of 4.75%. It also issued Capitalizing Letters (Lekap) in pesos for $ 13.245 million, with a rate of 53.49% and expanded the BOTE 2020 sales by $ 7.861 million, with a semi-annual gain of 26.56%.

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