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"Today we do not choose polyamorias," say the new thousands of years on television

Laura LaPride, Nola Marzol and Johanna Francelella, the three protagonists of Millenniales, the new ribbon that arrives on the small screen Source: LA NACION

When today at 2.30 pm, the new Net TV channel is placed in the air
Millennials, his first fiction, for many will mean an approaching approach to a mysterious generation. On that bunk that arrived after Generation X and today struggles with the centennial scepter. They were born from the eighties to the present and have been extended to the end of the last century. In this production they want to decipher the conformation of their DNA from the television story. And there they will be. Seductive, huge. So on television as in life.

Noelia Marzol

, Johannes Franchell and

Laura LaPride

they make up the leading female trio of this 21st century series, which was filmed for several weeks at the Studio Endemol in the area of ​​Palermo. That Palermo is far from that of Jorge Luis Borges and shoots with bars, breweries, designer shops and television studios. They are new faces on television where local fiction is not abundant. And they are representatives of an acting model that deviates from certain conventions in the old way.

The girls come in little to talk to LA NACION, which takes place in one of the program's sessions. At twilight in Buenos Aires and the lights of the studies began to extinguish after twelve hours recording that started at eight o'clock in the morning. The first one that appears on the stage is Johanna Francesla. Nice and very accurate. He greets and dives into his mobile phone. A few minutes to Laura LaPride. Something distant, a bit shy, but very kind. He greets and dives into his mobile phone. Miss Nola Marzol. While plunging into the channel and in the neighboring street to find the best place for the photo session, a search operation was performed to find the third protagonist of the series. GPS across the labyrinth corridors of this building that houses dozens of productions on almost all channels, a truly amusement park on television. A hunter of self-confidence would be crazy here. The mystery is revealed: Marzol is changing. With
clothes selected for a note, is scattered like in the whirlpool. Pure sympathy and effusion. He greets and dives into his mobile phone. Three millennia in their purest form. And this is not fiction.

– Girls, excuse me, we started talking?

Come on, we're coming

Three millennia, a clean virus
Three millennia, a clean virus Source: LA NACION

Although there is little left to exit the air, they are relaxed. Rejection of the pressures and expectations of others. And if a few years ago, the prototype of heroines was embodied by Andrea del Boca or Louisa Kulio, today, with them, they bet on the format of choral leadership and little individual diversity. It's not a bad thing "The premiere will calm the anxiety, but we are very calm," says Johanna Franzela. "We are very happy about the final product that is being achieved, but also for the human group that was created, which does not always happen," admits Noelia Marzol, who has had several meetings with the media in some theater plays in which she worked. in his passing through
ShowMatch. The comic, which will be broadcast from Monday to Thursday with chapters of forty minutes in the air, has already opened twenty episodes in the recording process: "We have a lot of faith that it works well," Marzol hopes.

Millennials will tell the story of three girls and their boys who are developing their activities in
Coworking These three entrepreneurs will pass their lives in this common working space, where, little by little – it could not be otherwise – work and private life will begin to mix, including love, infidelity, disagreements and the struggle for success in competitive world. The men's team is led by Nicolas Riera, Matthias Mayer, Juan Gilera and Gaston Sofratti.

"We live in a moment of constant change and easily adapt, which makes me very identified with this generation," explains Laura LaPride. Meanwhile, for Marzol, "many millennia go in search of happiness, to act freely in terms of what it feels, no matter what the other sees." Needless to say, at three o'clock, they see a lot of free, naturalizing this path they take and taking the given questions that, in previous generations, were not rooted. "It was to things that are not supported today, which distinguish us from previous generations, the person of my age does not tolerate unpleasant love or work where it is wrong, we are more one-off, but in the good sense of the word. he must be there, he is leaving and that he is sometimes criticized, but if you do not harm anyone, that is valid, "reflects Francesca. Girls talk about virtue as virtue. An apology for evasion, maybe. "Yes, it can be a malfunction, but the accident is also a malfunction, and not rowing can have consequences, but you want to choose, so I accept it," he adds.

"In the collective unconscious, the millennium is someone who is very connected to networks, with technology, with explicit communications, with ease to expose," Marzoule admits, while Francesca adds: "It's hard to understand how we think, how we live, the freedom that we have the open head with which we think, the next generation will be closer to us, unlike our parents with our generation. "

All three come from conservative families.
Johanna is the daughter of actor Guillermo Francesca and Nicholas's sister, who follows the same artistic steps: "At home they understand my work, because we grew up with the father of the actor, so I can seek advice, although the final decision is mine." Far from measuring her surname, she enjoys the blood flowing through her veins: "The pressure is not mine, but the world that carries the middle, we have the same surname, but we are different people, each of them making his career."

Nolias grew up in Iriarte, in the northern province of Buenos Aires, with her father and mother, who do not understand the very profession of the heir: "My old people think this world is strange, but they reject it, they support it."

Laura LaPride,
who lost her sister Jenny a few months ago, is the daughter of the Golden Thriller Maria Evgenia. His father is a famous polo and businessman. He was born in Pilar and opted for a university career. For two years she worked as a radiologist at the Fernandez hospital, while the artistic blood inherited from her mother was not better than her: "Mom is chocha, because I do the career I want to make, the pope is more conservative. They have nothing to do with it what did my mother and my aunts who were more … tidy, more common. "And yes, she has a chance
Millennials with bold scenes. "My father will not see him," he persuades or prays?

Millennials … conservatives?

Marzol, Laprida and Francella are preparing for debut on Monday in the new production of Net TV
Marzol, Laprida and Francella are preparing for debut on Monday in the new production of Net TV Source: LA NACION

Italians Dario Fo and Franca Rame signed
Open pair, that text that spoke of bourgeois hypocrisy about marital problems. Johanna, Nola and Laura are surprised with a little more packed look. A modest version of a generation that betrays the practices of love in a more unbiased manner. "I am very traditional, I'm in love with my boyfriend for two years and I do not mean open couples as an opportunity, but we live in a time of great freedom to talk about sexuality, and that is positive, because there is a big lack of information about it. I am obsessed with the subject, there must be sexual education, for which we should speak, "Marzol said. On the other hand, Francesla repeated several times during the conversation: "I am alone …". Everyone laughs with grace. "I see love in a free way, I judge nothing, I love what everyone lives in the way they want to live.
Millennials Personally, I do not imagine myself in an open relationship, but I do not see anyone doing it wrong. There is no polyamor there, but if you tell me that it is your polyamory, nothing happens, "he remarked, and Laprida says:" For two years I'm a girl and I'm traditional, but I can not say that I will think about it in ten years. because I do not know what will happen. Every link is holy and I agree that everything must be done to make the work to be. "

Asked about the possibility that the couple will increase the possibility of polyamorias, girls have an elaborate answer. "It gives me a smell of thought about it, of course, if my boy asks for new things, I would like to share it with me, in that sense I can be a little more open, but I always talked and agreed, seeing the limitations of each them, I would not offer him any crazy, "Marzol said closer to a village girl than a thousand residents than a sexual media bomb. "I am alone!" Johanna repeats himself to the laughter of the rest. "I do not judge, I do not feel it today, but in ten years I do not know," said the daughter of the popular actor. Laprida, perhaps the most conservative and elite family, admits: "I do not need it, I'm not curious, I'm not telling you that it will never, I will never say that I will not do something if the couple needs it …" Before the last question, the three boast a chorus: "Today we do not choose polyamor", and they return to their phones to test social networks. In fact, they did not stop doing it during the entire conversation.
Millennials in a clean state.

Who is who

Noelia Marzol Source: LA NACION

Noelia Marzol. He was born in 1986. Her character is Florence Arganazraz, a girl with Juan Manuel Losada (Juan Gilera).

How is Florence? "She is indifferent, she does not have too many codes, she wants to be happy, she is happy with her, she is impulsive, intense and bipolar."

How is Nolia? "I'm pretty impulsive and unstructured, but Flor is more extreme than me."

Johann Franzela Source: LA NACION

Johann Franzela. He was born in 1993. His character is Alma Carrizo, his girlfriend Rodrigo Ruiz (Matthias Mayer).

What is Alma? "She is, to some extent, the mother of her boyfriend; she helps him not to be disappointed, but she is lost in that transit and there is a attraction for another boy, Alma does not measure the consequences of what she can free" .

What is Johanna? "It always looks a bit like a character because you're putting your own thing in. When I read the script for the first time, it seemed to me that Alma was very far from me, it was a challenge, I did not throw as much as I'm in the pool."

Laura LaPride Source: LA NACION

Laura LaPride He was born in 1990. His character is Ariana Beltran, a girl with Benjamin Cespedes (Nicolas Riera).

How is Ariana? "She lives with her boyfriend, she has a very complex and terminal heart disease, but she naturalizes and adjusts, she finds that her boyfriend is a serious mistake, but she searches for herself and suggests doing something together."

How is Laura? "I identify with her in the power of adaptation to go through reality."

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