Friday , July 30 2021

To prepare it tomorrow, the Earth will turn at full speed

It will do it more than 3,000 kilometers per hour from the usual thing when it is placed closer to the Sun in its annual orbit

This January 3, the Earth will be located in the perihelion, closer to the Sun in its annual orbit, which will produce maximum orbital speed, accelerating 3,420 kilometers per hour on average.

The Earth revolves around the Sun, with an elliptical orbit of 930 million kilometers, with an average speed of 107,280 kilometers per hour, which means traveling at a distance of 365 days and almost 6 hours, therefore every four years is considered a jump.

But according to Kepler's second law, that translation speed varies, increasing to a maximum in the perihelion – the shortest distance to the Sun – at 110,700 kilometers per hour, and reducing the minimum to an affiliate, 103,536 kilometers per hour, more than 7,000 kilometers hour difference.

The perihelion of 2019 will take place tomorrow at 2.15 am Argentina, with a distance of just over 147 million kilometers.

The 2019 report will be on July 5, about 5 million kilometers. The average distance of the Sun is an average of 150 million kilometers.

In the affliction it reaches 152.09 million kilometers, and in the perihelion decreases to 147.10 million kilometers.

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