Saturday , June 12 2021

Tinelli praised Lavanga: "Many coincide …

Marcello Tinelli was rushed to his home yesterday with Roberto Lavanya, a virtual presidential candidate of the Federal Alternative Space. Before the versions of the possible candidacy, the TV conductor assured that it was not discussed. "We have many coincidences for the situation in the country, we are not talking about anything correct, the meeting was warm and very good," he said.

Tinelli praised the former economy minister's nomination, and met yesterday in his apartment at the Le Park Towers in Palermo Chicco. "It was a very pleasant meeting that served to share diagnoses," said San Lorenzo's vice president before clarifying that he likes Lavagna as presidential candidate "as long as he decides, because he has not yet decided." And he stressed: "I think he is a very good candidate."

Tinelli flirts with the possibility of throwing into politics for some time and it seemed that she would try this year with some kind of candidacy. However, at the end of 2018, in his latest program, he announced that this year will be devoted exclusively to television. But now that the election year is underway, he returned to political declarations declaring that they are distant from both Maurice Mackie and Kristina Kirchner, and that his roots are a perronist, which, logically, ends in the Federal Alternative. "It's a decision I have not yet taken," he confirmed yesterday for a possible move towards politics, although he noted that "I have been working for my 20 years in the past". A possible place for Tinelli would be the bid for governor of Buenos Aires province, given that the Federal Alternative has four aspirants for the presidency, but no one is the Buenos Aires government, the country's largest district.

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