Sunday , April 11 2021

Tinelli asked to seek dialogue | Chronicle

On the day of maximum tension for the national government, Marcelo Tinelli re-emerges from social networks to add pressure. The rider, on the verge of the beginning of his new television cycle, returned to flirt with the ability to be a strong contender in the next election. In the full installment of the dollar, when it reached a historical peak of $ 47.50, Tinelli set a picture on the quotation and message boards "Do Something".

During the afternoon, he urged the government "to talk to the Argentines". "Calm opinion at this moment of absolute uncertainty. Stop conversing with the consultant and the markets and talk to and about the crazed and frightened Argentines. There they think they will not be able to fix the mistakes, but have the humility to call all the departments to correct it. the course, which is measured in a lot of pain, "he added.

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