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Three out of 10 executives are excluded from work

That long-awaited climb. It climbed to the top of the company's organizational chart. More benefits, better pay, maybe more rest … but also more responsibilities and great difficulty to get out of work, even in moments of rest. Imagine yourself on a Caribbean beach, all inclusive, which is perfect … but can not download the phone and, from time to time, to check job messages. As crazy as it sounds, it's a much more common scenario than you might think.

The survey, which as protagonist executors of companies from different areas showed that only three out of ten people on these positions manage to exclude themselves during their holidays. The study was conducted by Adecco Argentina, a subsidiary of the company's comprehensive human resources consulting company during the summer and holidays.

Days of rest

In addition to this disclosure of data, the company has deeply researched the opinion of managers for their vacations. Almost eight out of ten said they agreed with the number of days he had to rest. Additionally, in case of need, 73% of them may take more days than they are entitled under the law.

However, on the question whether the time they spend on vacation is enough to relax and restore energy, the answers were even: 53% of the directors admit they are doing, while 47% say they are not enough.

Can you relax and get out of work? Only three out of 10 directors said they were achieving that goal. 35% keep the phone and the mail open for nothing, and 32% are available only in cases of emergency.

Regarding the previous question, when asked about answering and answering calls and e-mails during the work break, they only responded positively to 13%. 87% of respondents answered that the most urgent cases occur only on the phone, in which their opinion or decision is necessary.

Only 24% of management positions believe that their absence affects the functionality of the company, since it is the only person to cover certain functions. And, the answer in the opposite way, 76% is not considered indispensable, because it leaves staff of your team ready to cover all the needs.

80% of directors say they do not follow their employees during the holidays. By consulting them, if they schedule their holidays in advance to leave everything that is fine during their absence, 51% say that, but it depends on the year. Another 32% responded that the timetable so that the holidays are always at the same time and thus support the organization. Only 16% take advantage of opportunities, such as cheap flights, packages and promotions.

Summer work: is the load increasing or decreasing? 59% of the directors acknowledge that during the annual leave the workload is reduced. However, by 30% there is no change compared to the rest of the year, and 10% confirm that, on the contrary, it increases the work on these dates.

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