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three new videos on & # 39; Death Stranding & # 39; and the madness of Video Koima

'Death Killing', the new Hideo Kojima, arrives on November 8, 2019 exclusively on PlayStation 4. And when we thought we had seen enough of this very rare title, Kodzima appears to smile again and make us realize we are lost.

As part of Gamescom 2019, Hido Kojima took the opportunity to show us new details and a game on 'Death Stranding', where we leave more questions than answers and that is what it was all about. three new videos, two of them focused on the plot and characters and another on a game that left us open-mouthed, trying to understand what it was all about.

New Game of Death Stranding

Let's start with the third video, most interesting as it shows more details of the game play. Here's the first thing we see is how we can hunt in the fields to generate some kind of mushroom or even take a ladder. Yes urine seems to be part of Norman Reid's useful weaponry.

As Kojima explained, we can control the direction of the fluid with the right or left trigger. And for those who wondered if they could move the camera to see the character in advance, we're sorry to tell you that won't be possible. Which also noted that when several players urinate on the same page "something good will happen".

Another detail seen in the game is that the dome where we carry our baby can be damaged, so it will have to be damaged. who is singing to reassure him and i stopped crying.

Mom and her baby from another dimension

One of the videos focuses on "Mama," the character of Margaret Kuali, who serves to show us how the baby seems to be in a different dimension than the mother, though they somehow maintain a connection that allows them to communicate. "Mum" can't move out of her seat because of the baby's condition, and there is a reference to a "calm mother", a concept that is not entirely clear, but come on, what is clear in "Death Strand"?

Dead man and now we're more confused than ever

And the third video is about Dead Man, the character of Guillermo del Toro, who is the most confused of all because he tells us about babies as part of the armament. That is, a real madness that could only come out of Kojima's mind.

Next November 8 finally, we can put our hands on "Death Killing" and thus determine if it is a work of art, as many expect. And today, the only thing we can be sure of is that it will be a real madness.

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