Saturday , July 31 2021

Thousands celebrate the New Year's celebration … they are fine and are welcome in 2018

In Sydney, Australia, they welcomed him not to 2019 but, in a 360 degree turn, until 2018.

While the pyrotechnics exploded and the arms were plunged into the iconic Sydney Bay Bridge, the giant projection read "Happy New Year 2018!".

The mistake was not unnoticed by anyone, and even by one of the most important newspapers in the region Sidney Morning Herald, He titled one of his remarks: "Oh, no, it's 2018 again."

The thousands of dollars that were invested in projections and 8.5 tons fireworks They were overshadowed by the huge mistake that more than one million people who were in the place could appreciate.

In the statements that the agency collects EFEAnne McKinnney, who was the head of the event's organization, said she was annoyed, but said we must translate the site.

"It took us 15 months to organize such an event. It was a mistake, but we can clarify that we are actually in 2019 … We have to focus on the big things that happened last night, where there were no incidents to complain," said he.

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