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This year will update the revenues, monotonies and personal property – economy

At the beginning of 2019, the updating of taxes that weigh on taxpayer income and the simplified regime begins to apply. In this framework, this year, an employee without family responsibilities and not involving deduction of expenses, will be taxed on a monthly salary of $ 38,301, including the proportional bonus.

In the event that there is a deduction of expenses, which may be amounts for dependent relatives or for expenses that after deduction are deducted from the income on which the tax is calculated, the principal amounts for each period are:

Wages and benefits for home service: a cap is $ 85848.99 for 2019 (for 2018 it's $ 66917.91).

Renting apartments: It is necessary to deduct 40% of the paid amount with the same maximum as for home service.

Interest on housing loans: with a cap of $ 20,000 a year.

Life insurance and burial costs for dependents: Decreases up to $ 996 for each case and yearly.

Medical benefits: 40% of what was paid, prepaid fees and donations to qualified institutions.

In order to answer who are the people who have to pay taxes, we must observe the differences that Ripte had (Average Taxed Compensation for Stable Workers).

In the case of an employee without family costs, the lowest average monthly salary will reach $ 38301, while in the case of a person who takes away the spouse and two children will be $ 50,668. Meanwhile, if two children are taken away, but not a spouse, the income has reached a share of $ 44,511, and in the case when a child is declared, the lowest salary earned from the income will be 41,406 dollars.

It is worth noting that for La Pampa; He smiled black; Neuquén; Chubut; Santa Cruz; Tierra del Fuego and the party of Carmen de Patagones from Buenos Aires, all figures have increased by 22%.

In another line, pensioners pay income from an income equal to six minimum wages. In January and February the minimum will be 55854.60 dollars, while in March they will be responsible for 62462.20 dollars.

Similarly, the self-employed will be released this year, because the workers' wage gap is decreasing. For 2019 the annual amount will be 257546.96 USD if no refusal is applied.

Financial revenues

Since 2019, returns received from investors in fixed terms, bonds, rents, shares and other instruments will pay profits. In investing in pesos and without adjusting inflation, the rate is 5%, and for investments in dollars or adjusted for inflation, they pay 15%.


The maximum refund in 2019 to enter the monobitube scheme will be $ 115,1066.58 per year in the case of services and $ 172,699.88 if the taxpayer is involved in the trade.

The new categories are as follows:

A: income up to 138,127.99 dollars a year. Tax: $ 111.81; pension contribution:

$ 493.31. Total payment: $ 1294.12.

B.: revenues of more than $ 138,127.99 and $ 207,191.98. Tax: $ 215.42;

pension contribution: $ 542.64. Total Payment: $ 1447.06.

C: revenue of more than 207,191.98 dollars and up to 276,255.98 dollars. Tax: $ 368.34

(services) or $ 340.38 (trade); pension contribution: $ 596.91. Total payment:

1654.25 dollars (services) or 1626.29 dollars (trade).

D.: revenue of more than 276,255.98 dollars and up to 414,383.98 dollars. Tax: $ 605.13

(services) or $ 559.09 (trade); pension contribution: $ 656.60. Total payment:

$ 1950.73 (services) or $ 1904.69 (trade).

E: revenue of more than 414,383.98 dollars and up to 552,511.95 dollars. Tax: 1151.06 dollars

(services) or $ 892.89 (trade); pension contribution: $ 722.26. Total payment:

$ 2562.32 (services) or $ 2304.15 (trade).

F: revenue of more than 552,511.95 dollars and up to 690,639.95 dollars. Tax: $ 1583.54

(services) or $ 1165.86 (trade); pension contribution: 794.48 USD. Total payment:

$ 3067.02 (services) or $ 2649.34 (trade).

Mr.: income of more than 690,639.95 dollars and up to 828,767.94 dollars. Tax:

$ 2014.37 (services) or $ 1453.62 (trade); pension contribution: $ 873.93. Payment

total: $ 3577.30 (services) or $ 3016.55 (trade).

H: income of more than 828,767.94 dollars and up to 1,151,066.58 US dollars. Tax;

4604.26 $ (services) or $ 3568.31 (trade); pension contribution: $ 961.32. Payment

total: $ 6254.58 (services) or $ 5218.63 (trade).

I am: income of more than 1,151,066.58 US dollars and up to 1,352,503.24 USD (applies only to

trade). Tax: $ 5755.33; pension contribution: 1057.46 USD. Total payment:

7501.79 dollars.

J: income of more than 1,352,503.24 US dollars and up to USD 1,553,939.89 (applies only to

trade). Tax: $ 6,763.34; Retirement contribution: 1163.21 dollars. Total payment:

8615,55 USD.

K: revenue of more than 1,553,939.89 US dollars and up to 1,726,599.88 US dollars (trade).

Tax: 7769,70 USD; pension contribution: $ 1279.52. Total: 9738.22 USD.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that in 2019 all monobytubes will be forced to issue their invoices electronically. In the meantime, from April 1st, all end-customer transactions will also be achieved with this measure.

Regarding the recalculation, in 2019, a new scheme will begin to be introduced, which implies two reclassifications annually (one in January and the other in July).

Personal goods

Taxed inheritance: people who have assets for which their assessment on December 31, 2018 will reach at least 1050000 dollars.

In order to determine the amount of the tax, 0.25% of the total value of the goods subject to the tax exceeding $ 1050000, which are free of charge, is calculated.

The received funds are real estate; cars and other vehicles; accounts (pesos or foreign currency); bank current accounts; share of common investment funds and other unsecured investments; Art pieces; antiques; household items.

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