Thursday , January 21 2021

This was how Clarin's editor came in the newspaper in the middle of the layoffs

This is Ricardo Roa, who entered the morning to overtake fences on Tacuari Street, the heart of multimedia.

April 17, 2019

Amid a technological surplus in Clarin, the video shows how director of the newspaper, Ricardo Roa.

"So came Ricardo Roa, the maximum authority of the newspaper Clarin and what is stated by the workers as one of those responsible for the dismissals, of course, without the need to say that their name will enter like everyone else ", was a tweet of Luca Martinez, a journalist at Radio Destapewho recorded the event at the door of Takuari Street, the heart of multimedia.

In the information sector, 56 workers were discharged from AGEA, the Clarín newspaper editor and the Olé newspaper, also responsible for publications such as Ñ, Viva, ELLE and services like 365 and ArgenProp, part of the powerful Grupo Clarin.

Today the newspaper woke up fenced with federal police, which predicted the worst end for workers who received an email at dawn, where the company confirmed their layoffs. Clarín is the most widely used medium, with 1400 million pesos from Maurizio Macri.

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