Tuesday , August 3 2021

This is the first true image of the Samsung Galaxy S10

In this 2019 year Samsung You will have everything that is ready to present it Galaxy S10, and as it often happens earlier, leaks begin or not on how to design. Despite the fact that leaks from the last months provide some information on how to be new smartphone, now you know how to show your screen with a hole.

Samsung is the only company, one of the largest in the market for smartphones, to avoid the tendency to include a notch or eyebrow at the top of the screen of their devices. The company in 2018 continued to decide to cut the screen frame, but left the necessary space for switching on the front camera and sensors, details of Gizmodo.

However, in order to make the front of their smartphones just a big screen, they have decided on what appears to be a trend to replace the notch: a hole on the screen.

Evan Blas filtered the first true image of the Galaxy S10, revealing how to be its standard model (given that there will be several versions). By including the self-contained camera hole, Samsung can completely reduce the size of the frames.

The future goal for many manufacturers could be to turn on the camera under the screen, but as that technology arrives and is perfected, the hole appears to be a replacement for the incision. Samsung is expected to officially unveil the Galaxy S10 during the MWC 2019 in mid-February, with a price of up to $ 1,700 for the most expensive model, and perhaps the latest Samsung smartphone with a headphone jack.

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