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"This is the first time water has reached my neck": Enrique Pinti spoke about the crisis

Enrique Pinti He is one of the most sublime and respected artists in the country. His long career is full of success and, even so, the artist acknowledged that he was frightened whenever he received the taxes. In a radio interview for the ATP, a cycle led by Rodrigo Lucic, the humorist spoke about his economic situation and sharply criticized the government of Mauricio Macri.

"(Before) I was afraid of the social situation of people who were poor or did not have a job, they insulted me as citizens, but this did not come to me, even in the time of Menem or Kirchnerism, I saw that there was a disaster All, but I got ballot papers and I said "this is a lot, but I can pay it." This is the first time, perhaps because I'm getting worse and scared, not when I get the ball and light ball, "he said. Enrique.

"Prepaid, that I have a good prepaid, which I exported in 83 years and I have the best plan: I got 39,000 pesos plus the insulin I use, who is imported because he sent me a diabetologist, because I can use it, I get 36,000 pesos month, "he revealed without ending." The first time I reached the water on my neck, not because I was ruined, or when I was going to desperately seek the mercy of the door of Theater Lyceum, saying, "Here I am filled, give me a coin"; , no, God will not pay for it. But this marks the situation that has happened for us for the first time, " he hesitates.

"I listened to La Picchio, who is sick with money, Hugo Arana sold the car, and they are people who devoted their lives to this. We actors are not examples of work, our guild is the unemployed people around the world. always more who want to work than those who have a job. But for a successful man who has filled the theater for three decades, he is scared … " Pinty

"And the strangest thing is that we have to persevere that a president with a bad dictation tells us that we were having fun for 70 years, that we were in a state of fury, that is, I, who am 80 years old, should be crazy because I was 10 years old and I did not see party, let me tell my servants and all the people who gave us services, and I never gave anyone anything that light, gas or the phone were cheap or it is worth that governments of all kinds They said you must pay, he said roughly.

"It was not a hat, they gave us. There were invoices prepared by the governments of the day, and we had to respect them because it was expensive or cheap to pay, because if you did not cut it, before, now and always." So I had to resist by being told that they are giving me services, it makes me angry: not only does the government tell me, it's a group of nonsense that speaks on television and radio and want to kill you directly, "he closes relentlessly.

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