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They will discover the statistics on HIV and AIDS in the country

They will present the latest statistics on HIV and AIDS in Paraguay. It will be this Monday during a conference held at the Auditorium of the Central Public Health Laboratory located at Avda. Venezuela and Tte. Drain.

Last year in our country, 1,395 people were diagnosed with HIV, and there were 349 cases of AIDS, with the most affected young years.

Every year, on December 1, the World AIDS Day is celebrated, and in that context, the Psychiatrist will hold a conference to announce the progress and achievements of the response to the AIDS epidemic. HIV It will be this Monday, November 26, at 07:30.

Of the new diagnoses from 2017, 71% corresponded with men and 29% with women, and the most affected group was the young population aged between 20 and 34 years.

In 2018, the motto of the Commemoration is "To know your diagnosis, to test for HIV". On the 30th anniversary of this date, the goal is for the population to be aware of a serological study. Who allows to check the presence of antibodies in the blood. It's a basic test when it comes to donations and blood transfusions.

HIV testing is essential in order to extend the treatment and ensure that people living with HIV can lead a healthy and productive life. It is also essential to achieve 90-90-90 goals and to encourage people to have decision-making power over HIV prevention in order to protect themselves and their loved ones.

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is the one that destroys the immune system, while AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is the final stage of infection. It's not the same to get infected with HIV as there is AIDS. It is important to know the difference between HIV and being ill with AIDS.

HIV infection is exposed to the virus, but you do not have to develop the disease. You can stay without symptoms (asymptomatic carrier) for a long time. Here, the immune system is weakened by the virus that attacks it and therefore reduces the body's ability to defend against diseases or infections called opportunistic.

While AIDS is a condition caused by the HIV virus, which strongly attacks the immune system, it ceases to work effectively, returning to the body susceptible to cancer and rare infections. Here are the symptoms of illnesses, those that are usually associated with the progress of the infection of the deterioration of the immune system.

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