Friday , May 14 2021

They killed a bus driver in Isidro Kazanova and had seven unemployment lines

The driver on line 242 was injured in an attempt to take off this early morning while running his usual tour around the city of Isidro Kazanova at the Buenos Aires party in La Matanza, so five lines declared unemployment.

Drivers of lines 172, 174, 242, 298, 317, 624 and 635 and more than 20 branches of the collective La Cabana, decided to stop the service by midnight to demand greater security, before the new violent act against the driver in service: they are demanding more police phones and security cameras in the units.

The driver, identified as Ivan Montenegro, joined him about one hour in the morning in the neighborhood of La Abadia, at the last stop, by the last passenger left in the vehicle, who threatened with weapons for further movement of a block. go ahead and give him his stuff.

Of course the man was hit by a bullet in his left leg and he had to be admitted to the Solis de San Justo Clinic. Although he is out of danger, he must undergo surgery to remove the projectile that was housed in his leg.

"It's a very complicated area with the question of insecurity," said Sergio Paz, the company's delegate, in a dialogue with TN. "Although delegated bodies from all the lines of the zone have regular meetings with the police police or the police police of Puente 12, we know that it affects us all and is very wide."

"We now have a meeting with the head of the area and we will see with all comrades the decision that we will make among all", said Delegate Fabian Mendes over the duration of the measure of force this morning, which was finally resolved to last until the end of the day. "The state, both state and provincial, must have a solution and we hope that we can do the joint work of the government, the organization, the workers and the company," Paz added.

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