Monday , August 2 2021

They interned Diego Maradona at a clinic in Olivos

Diego Maradona was hospitalized this Friday at the Olivos Clinic. The first information indicates that Diego suffers from intestinal bleeding, which was discovered while doing routine studies.

In these reviews it was that they discovered this complication, and could be subjected to endoscopy. In Olivos he will be accompanied by his sons Giannina, Jana and Diego.

Maradona was due to return to Sinaloa, Mexico, where he will be taken back by Dorados, a team of which is DT.

"Maradona has determined his continuity in Dorado de Sinaloa and will continue as a coach the team for the whole season. After routine medical examinations in Argentina, they will be added to the campus training, "his lawyer at social networks Mathias Morla wrote, warning that Diego will be tested before returning to work.

Maradona he was not in the entire preseason of the Mexican team because he did not reach an agreement to renew the contract for the next six months. He even expected this week, but decided not to travel until his lawyer organized everything with the leadership of Dorado.

The World Champion in Mexico86 entered the country to spend Fiesta after qualifying Dorado at the end of the Mexican climb, because when assumed as a coach, the team struggled to come off. And at that time there was a meeting with his son Diego Fernando, who had Veronica Eyes in 2 '013 and whom he had not seen two and a half years ago.

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