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They find the man killed and arrested his lover for his crime – 02.12.2013

Matthias Arismendi, 26, was found dead at a head-on in his house in Campana, and for the crime he was arrested by his lover's lover. The man fell, because he tried to simulate suicide, but he made a commitment a serious mistake: he took the weapon and he hid it in the possession of his cousin.

After the arrest of Oscar Parma (25), the main hypothesis carried out by the investigators does not indicate that the problems between them were for the woman with whom both had a relationship, but a dispute related to the commercialization of narcotics.

Everything happened on Saturday at noon, when the officers of the First Police Station. from Campana arrived in San Juan's house, between Pedro Omar and Vignana, from Campana, after a call to 911, who warned about a dead person in that place.

When the police arrived in the house, they found Arismendi dead to blow in the head.

It seemed that suicide was possible, but at the scene there was a missing key: there was a knife, a caliber of 16 caliber and a few pellets near the body, but they could not find a gun, a rifle.

When the researchers interviewed Arrizendi's wife, she initially paid the suicide hypothesis. But when they talked to the last person that was with the victim, they did not close anything. This is Parma, who agreed with the words of the woman.

However, the police performed various operations and then took the rifle with caliber.16 – without marking or numbering – probably used in the work of Arismandi: I was in the house of a cousin from Parmathe spokesman added.

Before gathering evidence, Aristendi's wife changed her version of what had happened and told investigators she had seen Parma leave the crime scene, discussion with her husband.

The sources stated that the woman admitted that she he had a loving relationship with Parma and that the detainee and her husband accused each other of selling drugs. She also explained that when Arismendi died, both of them held the fight in which the rifle had killed her husband.

As a result of these new testimonies, the prosecutor of the case, Mathias Ferreiro of UFI 2 of the Zarate-Campana Judicial Division, ordered the arrest of Parma for the crime difficulty using weapons.

Source: Telam

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