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they do not want the hall in the castle

Valencia against GP Pokemon: do not want the hall in his castle

Pokemon GO celebrates Christmas several events. The Niantic application, which recently added to Heatran as the new Legendary Pokémon in the raids, invited the players to visit their city to win the new Pokémon. Something that I do not like in Valencia because Diputación does not like the hall in the Castle of Corbera.

As reported by Las Provincias, Diputación de Valencia wants to end up with a gym that Pokemon C GO puts in Corber's castle, a fort declared as a cultural interest. The problem is that this historic site was attacked by dozens of children searching for Pokémon in recent days, which is motivated request from the archaeologist to the area of ​​the legacy of the provincial corporation.

In this assertion, Niantic, a developer of the popular mobile game, is calling for to take appropriate measures taking into account both objectives. The first is no one else ensuring the safety of minors that they are approaching the castle because they can suffer from a fall on one of the slopes on the hill that houses the Muslim monument of the 11th century. On the other hand, they also say that the hall should be removed saves billing tasks.

Protect the castle and the safety of minors

Pokemon CSO, Castle of Valencia

Niantic stands out for always choosing emblematic places for sports and Potepadas in Pokemon CSO because one of the goals of the game is that its users also do tourism in the city where they are located and to get to know the cultural and monumental heritage of the municipalities. Diputación de Valencia maintains a strong pulse with Niantic because the company will not close the courtyard so easily.

The same media reported that Jose Simo, architect of the provincial institution, contacted the creative company Pokemmon GO to request that the hall be removed. Through a letter, Simo explained that Korber's castle is inheritance advantage of the Provincial Council and that is currently in ruins and started a process of restoration, and with so many players visiting the monument these return tasks are at risk.

According to Niantic's research, "The Corbera Castle is the perfect example of a place to visit" and they assure that "Pokemon GO wants to further improve the experience of visitors who are exploring this site."

Niantic's first response required an architect to better identify himself in order to initiate the request. In addition, they asked him official article and photo to the Diputación de Valencia to be able confirmed that the castle was in the process of restoration and check the possible risk for users. Faced with this response, the Diputación de Valencia warned that it would take them judicial and administrative measures to eliminate the salad in a timely manner.

Niantic requires a document to be able to move the hall

Pokemon GO will allow players to propose new Poképads

One more time, Niantic responded by informing that they needed a document confirming the rehab tasks to move the hall to another place. In addition, the statement said that Corber's castle "is the perfect example of a place to visit" and that they always warn players "to be safe and ready, to follow local laws and to respect the places they visit" . They even claim that "Players must be treated like all visitors".

In the same statement, Niantic asked for a meeting with the mayor of Corbera, an official or director of the castle. The hall that is not currently eliminated or relocated elsewhere. While this conflict comes to a solution, the Diputación de Valencia has secured it they will continue the task of safeguarding the safety of children that they are approaching the monument to catch Pokémon, in addition to protecting the castle itself.

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