Friday , June 18 2021

They declare that the nation is sending vaccines from compulsory calendars to bathing in the provinces

As it is sent Argentinean time in its edition this week, the former Ministry of Health of the nation is now being degraded into the category of secretariat with the president's decision Mauricio Macri in their desire to save, "the provinces have already come up to alert to send doses" with bathing "".

"The absence of some vaccines is noticed because Nación does not guarantee a normal provision"

For example, the Ministry of Health of Entre Rios issued a statement stating that "the lack of some vaccines is noticed because Nación does not guarantee a normal provision. It is distributed as a drip and is missing Sabine, meningo, some gamma globulin, anti-influenza and triple bacteria.

"The provinces are left at the expense of a situation that goes beyond the product that can not by law come out to buy vaccines on its own. When it is a calendar vaccine, the national state must submit it"he warned Andrea Ubaldi, Santa Fe Health Minister, where the vaccine against meningococcal is rare.

It is estimated that last year, the nation-state delivered only half of the planned doses.

Let's change the refusal of the public production of vaccines in favor of large purchases to private laboratories.

The three bacterial, antimenigocytes, anti-rabies and Sabine are those who suffer from major disadvantages, and the teams of provincial immunizations have begun to give priority to doses in pregnant women.

In the province of Buenos Aires, the situation has worsened since mid-last year. "We suffer from an irregularity in the delivery of vaccines. It is part of the lack of planning and health policies, as if health is somewhat less, and we ended up spending the doses from the municipality to the municipality, as if we were a vaccine club, "he warned. Alejandro Coli, Secretary of Health of La Matanza.

The mega devaluation of the last year, and the activated dollar that set the rhythm at the beginning of 2019, included a deadly blow in the area. Let's change the production of vaccines in favor of large purchases to private laboratories: in 2017, the program "Research and development of laboratories for public production" had a budget of 83.8 million pesos. This year it dropped to 61 million without calculating inflation.

"Cutting the Vaccination Calendar prevents the effect of the herd and the indirect immunity from occurring"

Carl Wisotti, former director of the National Immunization Program and member of the Argentine Society for Infectious Diseases (SADI), assured Argentinean time that "to a population that does not care so much, because it has the means to buy the vaccine in the private sector, we must tell him that decreasing the Calendar will also affect you, because if you do not vaccinate the whole number of people who need to be vaccinated, the effect of the flock and the indirect immunity are not obtained, Then the impact will be for everyone. It is therefore important that the social role of vaccination, the sign of equality, which means, and that is an economic indicator: investment in prevention saves the cost of caring for the sick. "

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