Saturday , July 31 2021

They call for a boycott against Kalu Rivero's novel

He returned to the center of the stage. The actress was the first to blame the actor

and has since received adhesions and rejections.

In the last hours, the defenders of the former protagonist of the Ugly Duck began a campaign against the novel with which Rivero will star in Telef. Under the hashtag # Mir√°ComoNoteMiro-Ironization # Look how not– called for a boycott against Sounds at night, which will be announced in the coming days.

Some time ago, Kalu Rivero promoted the eviction of his new job with Federico Amador and Esteban Lamotto, which will be premiered on January 14 at Telef. He must have never imagined that his public accusation of harassment against Dartes would be worth the company against his new project.

Dozens of network users demonstrated against Kalu's return to the screen and took the opportunity to repel him. They even developed a virtual flyer that calls for the "darkening" of TVs on the night of debut television. There was also no lack of criticism against the feminist movement.

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