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They attacked a collective, they were killed by two police officers and killed a female passenger – 27/12/2013

A passenger was shot in the head in a shootout between two police officers and two thieves who mounted a robbery bus. The woman was transferred to hospital, but died within minutes, according to confirmed sources of the case Telam. Another passenger was also thrown out of a bullet.

The incident occurred on Thursday afternoon on the line line 338, commonly known as La Costa, on route 4, between Olympus and Condi, on the edge of the Buenos Aires parties of Lomas de Zamora and Esteban Echeverria, on the block at Riachuelo and 30 at La Salada Hall.

According to the witnesses 'testimony, two armed robbers climbed into the collective group and began searching for passengers' property. As people handed their valuables, two police officers dressed in civilian clothes noticed what had happened.

Police identified, pulled out weapons, and gave a high voice, according to police sources. Then a battle broke out with guns that ended with two passengers wounded by bullets. Sandra Rivas, 46, received shot in the head. They urgently moved to the Balestrini hospital in La Matanza, where she died a few minutes later.

The other injured passenger is a 61-year-old man who suffered rubbing a bullet in one of his hands. He also had to be treated at the hospital, but out of danger.

According to police sources, the investigators hijacked the weapons of thieves and agents involved in the confrontation to determine where the range from which the passenger was killed came.

After the confrontation, the agents of Esteban Echeverría police station detained the two alleged thieves in Elizade and Camino de la Ribera Sur, in the area of ​​the Olimpo settlement in Lomas de Zamora.

The suspects were identified by police as Gabriel Ledesma (22) and Mauricio Nahuel Parodi (20). Ledesma had bullet wounds in one hand and right, while Parody shot himself in the chest. The second is boarding in a retarded state at the Santamarina Hospital in Monte Grande with police custody.

The case is being investigated by prosecutor Fernando Semis from UFI no. 4 decentralized by Esteban Echeverria, who ordered an expert on bullet holes left on the windshield, windows and doors of the collective and the Bersa 9 mm gun, kidnapped by one of the policemen. The two agents are at large.

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