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They assure that this woman is the voice of GPS Google Maps

December 30, 2018 – 13:31
It was filmed by friends in Colombia and speaks with the same voice as Google Maps GPS and went viral. Will it be real or a simulator?

The viral video starts: "Hi, I'm your Google Assistant, turned right in 50 meters." The voice is unmistakable. Is the Maps Navigation System? In filming you see a girlfriend recorded by her friends and one says "it's the voice of GPS". In the midst of a furor, many YouTube accounts uploaded the video by the name "Meet the Girl Who Made the Voice of Google Maps in Spanish," but most were eliminated.

In the video, which lasts only 30 seconds, we listen to the woman giving directions very similar to those we hear with Google's GPS, but with some bad words. The viral does not reveal the name of the woman, but according to indications it will be in Medellin, Colombia. He already has millions of copies and many comments ask whether he really is or not.

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